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Demand Issue, where to report?

Started by AT, September 10, 2017, 12:30:08 AM


Hi All,

This is my 2nd game, I'm playing @BW1. I've noticed some really low demand # on local routes on South America. First played @SPJC, local routes demand seemed really low, but I'dont live there, so I guess, what do I know? Now I'm playing @SAEZ, I do live here, so I've info on actual pax flying locally, and the figures are again really low. IE pax flown from SAEZ/SABE (Buenos Aires Airports) to SACO (Cordoba Airport) on 20/12/2016 was around 2000 pax (just ONE day), today I've checked 10 fligths btwn those 2 cities, flown by 3 airlines flying A319/20 & 737/378. But the total demand on the game just reach about 50 pax/day. I can provide actual figures for another 10 Airports t least.

I understand this is a sim, and actual demand does not has to be accurate, but one thing is to have an actual 1000-2000 daily pax demand vs a simulated demand about 50 daily pax.

So my questions are two:

Where should I report this? As a bug, a feature request, other?

Can I have any hope on this to be solved, or I'm just wasting my time  :o



Well, a new demand system is in the works(and it begins by cargo, pax are following, if I understod correctly), so the numerous bizarre things in the current system won't be fixed in the current system.


Ahh, ok. Understood.

Thanks for your reply!