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Author Topic: Suggested features  (Read 259 times)

Offline Matt Elphick

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Suggested features
« on: August 19, 2016, 05:32:06 PM »
I know the feature request has been locked so here is a suggestion i have been thinking of.

You should be able to customise the ground experience for passengers as in allow first class passengers to have access to lounges and have premium security and stuff because in real life airlines control them so as an airline we should be able to do this. An example is that if your airlines has a lounge people are more likely to fly your first class versus an airline which doesn't. Just my suggestions let me know below if you agree or any other feature like this you would like @sami to introduce

Offline [ATA] Seven

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Re: Suggested features
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2016, 02:01:56 PM »
There should be a bonus for bases with a premium lounge.
Same as connections for example you have 25 flights wihin 1,5 hours or you have just 2 flights within a hour,this way people will likely to expand a base 1st instead of opening 7 bases with just a few flights and gett same demand from route A to B if everything else is the same.

Offline 11Air

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Re: Suggested features
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2016, 11:59:24 AM »
Good idea in a general way - I would like to see the pax limit per aircraft rating for each base size though so I can plan my fleet growth.
If the initial Base Size has a Quality Option then the cost increases and also adds a bit of a boost to your airline rating too (factored by passengers flown and base size?).
Also an with the option to select it later too, but taking a hit on the passenger attraction factor during the build as they prefer not to use an airline in a building site as their preferred choice.
Real World airlines only get to rent a part of the airports facility, at Southampton EGHI there are very few airline specific features, it's covered by a surcharge per flight per pax I assume. To set up there I'd need to rent office space (nearby maybe), outsource maintenance to the existing multi-discipline hanger facilities, and a couple of ticket desks. Little capital outlay but not the cheapest way over a ten year period - that's where I'd have to pay the airport to:-
1. build a maintenance hanger for me (that could bid to maintain other airlines aircraft).
2. build baggage handling, catering, (anything else)  (that could bid to service other airlines).It verges on setting up a service company only, but that is part of the airline industry, isn't it?


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