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Author Topic: Game statistics and Score  (Read 708 times)


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Game statistics and Score
« on: June 08, 2016, 02:36:30 PM »
Hi guyes,

I have now played BW and other game worlds a few times, and each time my airline is in the 70-80% range in score. In the current BW my score is 3357 out of 4430, which means I am above average but not on top.

Now if I understand it correctly, it is the statistics that draw the overall score up or down. But on the other hand some statistics go opposite of eachother.

For example; Fleet utilization vs Flight delays.. If i schedule the flights closer, then the delays goes up (vise versa)
For example; If I keep the prices higher, the load factor decrease; if I keep prices lower; my load factor becomes 95%+ but profit margine goes down.

My airlines survive, but none of them won any Skytrax awards if you want to put it this way.


Offline wildavidson

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Re: Game statistics and Score
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2016, 02:50:38 PM »
Score is not important until the last day of the game. Focus on making money and in time scores will increase. If you go chasing a better score you may undo the good work already completed and end up in a mess.

Offline gazzz0x2z

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Re: Game statistics and Score
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2016, 02:56:12 PM »
Unless you put yourself other objectives. I had plenty of fun in previous GW3 filling a maximum of destinations airports. I reached 609 of them, iirc, 80 more than my immediate second. It did have an impact on my margin, as you don't fly a Fairchild Metro between Edinburgh & Kangerlussuaq(tech stop in Keflavik), or between Nice & Bobo Dioulasso(with a tech stop in the Algerian desert) unpunished.

I was finally limited by the 600 airplanes out of base limit. I didn't fill Warsaw as I should have, and probably missed around 20 more destinations.

But you'd better have a steady income base before playing with that kind of fun. That's why Wildavidson advice is sound : rentability will allow you to have more fun. I had a huge inter-european network of Ejets & 737 that made the bulk of my benefit, which allowed me to play freely with metros (who were making some money anyways - my level 1 base in Visby with 32 inter-Sweden lines just in metro is one of my best memories, and did have some profitability). Without the extra income that paid for metros purchases, I could not have done this.

He's right : make a lot of money, make your company steady and strong along the decades, and then, only then, play the statistic(s) you want to play on.


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