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Author Topic: Create each day as a separate route - turning old weekly routes into singles.  (Read 952 times)

Offline josh

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  • Posts: 15
So I recently came to the conclusion that turning each weekly route into a separate route per day was much smarter. However, once you choose not to do this there is no button that changes it over to a daily format.
I have a few questions regarding this function.
Q1) Do many people make use of this function?
Q2) Do you use it for all route pairs?
Q3) Is it economical to close my route(s) and reopen them under this configuration?

Any help is appreciated! :laugh:

Offline MPu-

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  • Posts: 120
1. I can comment only on my behalf,
2. but I use it all the time,
3. and in case I'll forgot to use it, I close the existing route with 'keep slots' and reopen

Would love to have an option to convert 1 full week route to 7 daily ones with same route number, but not having it is a good "motivator" to always double check that I have selected the daily option.

Offline gazzz0x2z

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  • Posts: 2246
  • Depends on the game. When I'm playing long-range, yes, of course.
  • No. Only when a 7-days schedule makes sense. In my current game, it's exactly one plane out of 99, for 2 routes. When I played longer ranges, it was far more.
  • Well, only if you think you can improve the route by splitting it. And, as MPu- said, be sure to keep the slots.

Offline josh

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  • Posts: 15
Thanks! You both helped me decide!

Offline L1011fan

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  • Posts: 623

The person who likes this post:
I never create a separate route. Keeping it in a row has always worked for me, but to each their own.

Offline 11Air

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  • Posts: 494
I've been experimenting with Peak Routes, that is Monday and Friday routed separately, then copied to do the rest of the week. It usually works out at 15% higher pricing for those peak demand days.  It would be nice to have a method of breaking an existing 7 day route into a more convenient package without having to rebuild the routes (and I've been paying for slots again to do that).  I hope it's on the list in some form.

Offline Cardinal

  • Members
  • Posts: 1045
(and I've been paying for slots again to do that)

Why are you paying again for slots when breaking a daily flight into 7? Unless you're changing the departure or turnaround times, in which case having an automated tool won't help.

I close the existing route with 'keep slots' and reopen

This. If you're closing the route from the Manage Routes page, choose the "close routes and keep slots" option. If you're closing it from the individual route page, click close and then un-check the "release slots" option.

Offline 11Air

  • Members
  • Posts: 494

The 2 people who like this post:
I'm paying for slots again because I've not used the - Keep Slots Open - option before.  Now have bruise on forehead!

Offline freshmore

  • Members
  • Posts: 707
Would it be a good idea to have an airline setting of have the box ticked to separate routes ticked automatically as an option so people can choose to have it default off or turn it on, because I think we all have moments when we forget

Offline COUGAR

  • Members
  • Posts: 15
I use this feature for longer flights to optimize fleet utilization.

Only complaint is that it can clutter up the Manage Routes display page.

There should be an option to list individual flight nos in a single row with mebbe a plus sign to expand the route display.

Offline 11Air

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  • Posts: 494

The person who likes this post:
cougar, you can give all the flights the same Flight Number IF they are all the same.  They can then be allocated to different aircraft so when a plane goes off to C or D maintenance then will still be half the flights operating which doesn't throw all the pax into your competitors aircraft. (Their food is better too!).


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