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First aircraft you've ever flown on

Started by Atlantische Zeiler, June 28, 2015, 05:24:00 PM

Atlantische Zeiler

I was just wondering what the first aircraft you've ever flown on was. Mine was a 727-200 I believe.



747 Too. CDG-YUL. For being destroyed with my ice hockey team by local teams.


Auckland to Los Angeles on a Qantas Boeing 747-400 :)


May have been a 722Adv or a DC9-30. Either way, when I was 21 days old.


My first flight was onboard a U.S. Air Force C-21 (that's a Lear 35 if I remember right) at about 10 years old. I took part in a summer camp program that was put on by several states' Air National Guard components and the FBI (strange mix) at the FBI academy in Quantico... part of the deal was a round trip from BTV to DCA and back courtesy of Uncle Sam.


It was a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul from London, possibly a 737 I've been told, when I was about 6 weeks old.
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My first flight was from Manchester to Corfu on a Britannia Airways 767-200. I was 7 years old at the time, so didn't find the 8-abreast all economy cabin uncomfortable.

Terry P.

First regional - Olympic Air ATR 42/300 From Athens to Kos
First medium-haul - Aegean Airlines A320 From Athens to Amsterdam


Languedoc Barcelona,Casablanca, Tenerife 1955


Mine was a 737-800 when it was still brand new and rare... Happy childhood days :)


Continental 727-200 DFW-EWR in 1988. My dad took a picture of it. If I recall, it had a People Express scheme with Continental titles. They merged a year prior.


Monarch Airlines 757-200 MAN-MAH in 2000, i was 10 years old.

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Airtours B757 from Manchester to Tenerife.


First ever: LTU International Airways Berlin-Tegel to Palma de Mallorca in 1994 either on a 767 or A330. Can't remember as I was too young.

First long-haul: American Airlines London-Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth on a 777-300ER in 2013


I have no idea for myself, however, I did manage to get both of my kids on a DC-9-51 for their first flight. Thanks Delta, for keeping those going until a few years ago!

[SC] - King Kong

I think Air Holland 757 AMS-LPA late 90's


UA, either a B720 or a B732. I was too young to know the difference.



Either a 777-200 American airlines (SFO-PVG) or a Delta mad dog (SFO-ORD) I remember that I hated the md-80/90/dc-9/something along that line.