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First aircraft you've ever flown on

Started by Atlantische Zeiler, June 28, 2015, 05:24:00 PM


Either a 747 or a 777 in 2010, HKG - JFK.


PanAm 727-100 Berlin Tempelhof to Hamburg, mid sixties.


Vickers Viscount when in the military, from UK to Germany for an exercise with the US Army helicopter transported troops early 1960s.


Mine was an ATI DC-9 from Rome to Sicily (don't remember if to Palermo or Catania, I was 10).
I remember the captain come to us (me and my brother) and bring to the cabin while flying, to see the cockpit  :)


Mine was in a 727-100 of Transbrasil Airlines, CGH - VIX in 1988. :)


i was like a month or two old, and it was most likely an austrian airlines DC-9 to greece


Delta CV 880; from ORD to TPA, summer of 1963.


Rich International L-1011.  I fell in love.


Can't say. Probably on Air France or Alitalia (was mostly flag carriers by then, and the flight was from France to Italy). In 1985, was 6 months old.
So either 727, 732, A300 or A310 (AF) or DC-9, MD-82 or A300 (AZ).


My firstake off was a Rapide at Halfpenny Green airport in midlands UK in1969 or 1970. that was my first takeoff but no landing as I was there for a parachute jump ???. The Rapide was involved in an accident around that time when together with another rapide, the paras were going for a big (by standards of that time) formation but as the time to jump was given, one rapide fell below the other and 2 or 3 exiting the higher struck the lower rapide. one ended up in the lower rapide, another fell astride the lower rapides tail and then slid off. There were broken bones as best I recall. both aircraft landed ok. It was about 50 years ago so forgive if some of the details have become a bit hazy. I later flew a T21 glider from the early 50s with a large concrete block by my feet for ballast. and K6 and K8 gliders (Shobdon) before progressing onto modern fibreglass gliders


1998, 16yo. SAS GOT-CPH on a MD-82

I was extremly affraid, and it didnt get any better when an engine troubled before take-off :)



Mine was the:

BAe 146-100 London City to Dublin with Virgin Atlantic


A L1011 from LTU. The second flight was on a Tu-154 from Balkan Airways.


Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 with Flybe EDI-EXT. Very rough landing :D


Quote from: broadbander on July 03, 2015, 09:42:28 AM
My first flight was from Manchester to Corfu on a Britannia Airways 767-200. I was 7 years old at the time, so didn't find the 8-abreast all economy cabin uncomfortable.

My first was MAN-CFU on a Britannia 732-200 and my SECOND was CFU-MAN on the 8-abreast 767-200. This was in November 1987. When were your flights?  Being 17 I was already big enough to be unimpressed by how cramped the 767 was and it didn't help that it was a 1am departure, delayed to about 3am after being kicked out of our hotel at 10am the previous day.

What is it with all these people who don't know the exact details of their fist flight? Being a baby is no excuse  ;)  When my daughter was grown up and started travelling alone, I presented her with a list of all the flights she'd been on (first was a Leisure Air UK 737-400 MAN-ZTH in September 1995 when she was three months old) but she seemed quite unimpressed!  :(

Obi-Gun Smokenobi

747, NY to somewhere in Germany in 1974 (I was a 9-years old dependent Army brat).


I was be 6 years old, and flew on the Old Soviet Classic -- Tupolev Tu-154 UTair (TymenAviaTrans in 2001), from Surgut (my hometown, deep in Siberia) to Moscow (my new home). After that I flown on the 737's, 767's, A320 and another modern jets, but i never forget THIS sound old-fashioned D-30KU jet engines.
From Russia with Love

[SC] - King Kong

First one to remember:
Air Holland 757 AMS-LPA

I remember getting to the cockpit over Paris (thats what the pilot told me and my father)