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AirwaySim Changelog

Started by Sami, May 03, 2015, 12:51:18 PM


This thread contains a list of all implemented changes and updates to the AirwaySim game engine, the "changelog".

All previews of future features are posted to this thread:,91533.0.html

Updates to the website core and non-game systems are announced in this thread:,54937.0.html

This thread is locked and is reserved for announcements only. Please make all comments to the General forums:,60273.0.html


Fixes and background updates

These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features & interface changes
  • Aircraft nickname information added to 'Aircraft', 'My Aircraft' and 'Scheduling' page listings. Aircraft nickname max. length changed from 25 to 20 (due to interface purposes).

  • Information about pending new noise regulation is sent to player inboxes earlier than before. First warning at -5 yrs, then at -3, -1, -0.5 years and on the day it happens (previously only the last two were included). So the same cycle as with the dashboard news but the first 8 year warning is not sent to inboxes. This is the generic message sent to all players operating in the area. The violation warning message (in case your planes are not compatible) are sent as before, -6 months of the launch. Please note that messages are only sent if you have active routes in the areas governed by the new regulation - just having the planes idle does not trigger it.

  • Removed 'Aircraft Upgrade' link from aircraft details page when undergoing another check; cannot upgrade a plane while in maintenance

  • Aircraft nickname is also moved when moving schedules, and ticking the 'Move / swap registration numbers of aircraft' checkbox.

  • Noise regulation warning message (notification of pending new regulation) was not always sent to player inboxes. Fixed.

  • Route Image handling in case of airport relocations (old airport closing, new opening) is improved.

Other updates
  • Technical preparations for cargo features in various aspects of the interface, background code and databases (early first step - changes are implemented bit by bit).

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These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • Aircraft leasing extension functionality updated in player-to-player deals: When a player lists an aircraft for sale AND the 'maximum lease duration' period is specified, the setting for being able to extend the lease is automatically turned OFF (regardless of any other settings the players may have). The player owning the aircraft may allow extensions any time by triggering the setting manually back on after the aircraft has been leased. This change is made to prevent players leasing airplanes for longer than the owner has intended (since the owner cannot 'recall' his aircraft).

  • 'Airline Score' value display updated to make the differences in colors clearer (there are five different color levels; red - orange - yellow - light green - dark green).

  • Fokker 120NG and all models of MD-90 series seat configuration calculations updated a bit to match their larger size compared to their predecessors (allows more seats to be installed to these compared to F100 or MD-88 for example - the max certified capacity of all planes remains unchanged). Does not change any existing seat configs or factory default configs.

  • Game World #2 production line of B787 adjusted, opening date of the line was wrong due to other updates.

  • Aircraft book value depreciation did not work properly in all cases, values were not depreciated from the original book value whil income statement was correctly being calculation. Fixed.

  • Minor usability checker added to 'Configure Aircraft' tool to prevent creating two similar a/c seat configs.

  • Noise regulation warnings were in some cases sent twice (on two consecutive days), due to rounding error - fixed.

  • Keyword search performance of the 'My Aircraft' listing page is improved when searching with aircraft registrations.

  • The airline name rebranding because of rule violation (real name used) did not work in all cases if the user was in his free 7-day trial period.

  • Game and airline statistics had some problems in updating after the first year rolled over in new game worlds - adjusted.

  • The transported passengers history data was not stored in the most efficient way (due to a bug) after the recent preparatory cargo updates. No errors in displayed data, but just inefficiently kept database for these stats was the result of this error which was fixed.

  • Minor interface improved on 'Fuel Management' page's contracts per base selector tab.

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These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • Runway lengths of Göteborg Torslanda (ESGB) updated, longest runway now 2060m.

  • Lease extension price calculation is updated: If you manually extend the lease, the system now takes into account the currently remaining lease period when calculating the new lease price. Previously if you wanted to extend a lease for one month while it still had 5 years left, the price of the whole remaining leasing period was updated to the (pricey) one-month extension price. Now the system sees the extension so that the remaining lease is 5yr + 1 month = 1 month longer than before (in this example), and calculates the price accordingly (in this example nearly the same price as it used to be). This change allows more flexibility for adjusting your leased fleet to exactly the required lease duration without big costs. The automatic (one year) extension prices remain the same as before, and if the remaining lease duration is less than 1 year and the manually made extension is less than 1 year also, then the old (expensive extension) pricing will still apply.

  • Aircraft seat configuration page shows now also the 'factory default' configurations, which you can apply to your fleet also after delivery. These configs cannot be naturally changed or renamed.

  • Used aircraft price advisor feature improved to include better comparison of prices for aircraft also available in the new aircraft market (if the same model is available from the manufacturer, the used a/c price recommendation cannot be very much higher than the respective new price). Also removed 'staff efficiency' related variation of the selling price (making it more stable).

  • Background calculation of airport's available capacity did not work in all cases on a new (<1 year old) game world - leading to delays in updating some of the airport related cost values and other restrictions; fixed now.

  • The route editor (open/edit) tool has now an additional "anti-slot hogging" checker making sure that players cannot control an excessive number of unassigned slots (not belonging to any route or schedule). This feature has existed already previously but it has been now expanded to cover also another case.

  • Fixed aircraft upgrade announcements being posted as blank if that particular aircraft model (cargo planes) were not included in the game world.

  • On Manage Routes page the Profit change indicator (+/- ...%) was calculated incorrectly in one case.

  • Dashboard's Company Image change indicator (+/- ...%) did not work in all cases, because image history data was stored twice in some cases.

  • Route Planning page's airport selector menu system had a minor bug, fixed.

  • Used aircraft leased from AI brokers were sometimes tagged as not allowed for lease extension. Fixed.

  • Slot page reloading checker error page reformatted for more understandable info.

  • Message of a failed loan payment is reformatted a bit.

  • Minor formatting fix for airline stats display.

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July updates #1

These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • The system limit on maximum number of new airlines per each airport is now airport size class related. A class 5 airport can have max 9 airlines, class 4 airport max 7 airlines, class 3 max 6 and smaller ones max 5. Previously it was max 7 for all classes.

  • When using the "base airport finder wizard" when creating a new airline, the airport information view is updated. The demand figures shown for each airport (at the detailed airport page) now correspond to the type of operation selected (shorthaul, mediumhaul, longhaul). Previously the demand figures were shown for the largest routes but now it shows the routes most suitable for your selected operation type (based on the route type and distance).

  • The airline creation page now checks all the input data (airline name, code, base) before the page is fully submitted to the server (for better usability and due to requirements of the "ready-made" airline creation feature). The error messages are also improved.

  • Airline creation page shows now also the current game year (just for reference) next to the startup cash & airline CEO information.

  • Added 'back' button/link to airport base finder's map view (Browse airports -> View airport map).

  • Several technical/structural changes to the code of the airline creation process to make it more manageable...

  • Fixed the base airport checker in the case of Yemeni unification (South and North Yemen). It incorrectly judged the two countries separate even after unification.

  • Fixed incorrect warning sometimes left to Dashboard about base airport required to be closed due to geopolitical changes, even the base was already closed by the system or by the user and did not exist anymore.

  • Added more understandable and clear message to base airports page when free new base is allowed (in case of geopolitical changes).

  • Fixed server related error (caused by a server software update) that prevented the system from sending out any notification emails during the last few days.

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July update #2 - New major feature: Start with ready-made airlines

These updates are currently effective in Beginner's World #2. (Formal announcement in game news and elsewhere will follow when feature is avlb in many games)

New feature - Easy Startup
  • Possibility to start with AI created fully ready airline.

  • The player can choose between 'easy start' and 'advanced start'. The easy mode is this new major feature, while advanced mode is the old start-up format where player is in control of all of the initial choices. If the easy mode is not enabled in a game world the system will automatically show the advanced mode's startup view (which is unchanged from what it has been up until today).

  • In the easy mode the airport wizard will suggest suitable HQ airports for the player, based on his selection of continent and type of operation. The system will very extensively look at the available airport slots, available demand and supply created by other players.

  • Upon finding such choices (max 5) the system will look for suitable aircraft to match the type of operation chosen. Generally the mediumhaul is in B737-B757 class, and shorthaul is in the size of ATR or E145 series aircraft. Smaller or larger planes are excluded, together with certain unpopular manufacturers. Aircraft must be of reasonable age and is taken from the AI brokers' storages. System will look for 2-3 aircraft, depending on the type of operation. Aircraft are naturally suitable for the routes and have fleet commonality. Planes are leased with a 1-year lease deal and will have a reasonable condition and suitably valid C/D checks.

  • Starting options are short- and mediumhaul operations. Longhaul is not supported due to the tricky scheduling.

  • These airport and airplane choices are presented to the player who can view the details of the airport from that selection page too.

  • After choosing the airport the airline name and 2+3 letter codes are entered as usual, and after that the airline is created.

  • The system will lease the chosen planes, set up routes, create schedules, sets A/B checks, hires staff, sets up marketing and defines some basic settings for the airline (like default reg# and turnaround times).

  • Each of the aircraft will have 1-5 routes to potential destinations. These can have other competition but should have available unfilled demand (or lacking choices, will enter mildly competed routes). All slots, curfews and such are checked in a similar manner like opening route manually.

  • Schedules will be created so that each departure is earliest at 06am, depending on available slots, and latest arrival around midnight. There are no overnight flights or anything other too complicated, the schedules are kept simple as it's the most difficult part of this feature.

  • All costs of aircraft leases and slots are fully deducted from the standard start-up money, and are visible on the financial statements. So starting up in the easy mode will give the same results as the advanced mode. Similarly all new operation discounts and route image boosts are also assigned to airlines starting via the easy mode.

  • Manual's startup chapters have been completely reorganized. New pages have been added and some of the existing have been rewritten due to changed features:

  • Overall this is a major feature in the terms of complexity. Feedback is more than welcome. The aim has been solely to help the path of the new users, since the startup steps required has grown and is becoming hard to understand.

This feature will be gradually introduced in other game worlds too.

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[images from manual]


New airports, and minor fixes & updates

These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • 16 new airports added to Kazakhstan (available in all game worlds; demand will show up in a game month).
    Aktobe       UATT   AKX
    Balhash    UAAH    BHX
    Baykonur    UAON    
    Chimkent    UAII    CIT
    Ekibastuz    UASB    EKB
    Kokshetau    UACK    KOV
    Kostanay    UAUU    KSN
    Kyzylorda    UAOO    KZO
    Pavlodar    UASP    PWQ
    Petropavlovsk    UACP    PPK
    Semipalatinsk    UASS    PLX
    Taldykorgan    UAAT    TDK
    Taraz       UADD    DMB
    Uralsk       UARR    URA
    Ust-Kamenogorsk UASK    UKK
    Zhezkazgan    UAKD    DZN

    Full list of airports is here:

  • The new feature of start with ready-made airlines (see previous post) is now available in all game worlds. Feedback on this feature is more than welcome, since all possible cases for the new airlines can't be tested at our end.

  • Aircraft leases may be cancelled when the cash at hand is negative. This has been possible previously too but the limit has been now increased to $5mil (inflation corrected per game year; 5mil in 2005 currency). Naturally all termination costs need to be paid as usual even in this case (so it will just increase the debt in this case .. but will make it a bit easier when you absolutely need to restructure).

  • Aircraft registration number can be cleared by entering an empty value to it.

  • Fixed a case when aircraft returned from lease has the same seat config your (the owner) airline already has. It shouldn't create a new seat config.

  • Airport relocation message (when airport is closed) was sent twice in some cases, fixed.

  • Fixed payload vs. range calculation being incorrect in the case of a tech-stop route's second leg being the limiting factor (= rare case).

  • Minor fix at aircraft payload vs. range calculation (rounding errors).

  • Fuel price prediction gave sometimes incorrect results, fixed.

  • Google Analytics stats system is only loaded on selected game pages to make the page loading faster.

  • Minor fix at My Aircraft page dropdown menu system.

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Aircraft leasing related features and other minor fixes

These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • Players may now set a minimum operational condition requirement for the aircraft they are leasing to other players. This is done from the aircraft selling window where a new selection box is available (it's an optional value and it must be lower than the current condition of the plane, and it cannot be set higher than 70%). The minimum condition must be maintained by the player leasing the aircraft at all times. If it falls below the defined threshold the aircraft is automatically grounded until it has been repaired. This contract rule is also visible on the aircraft pages after the lease has been signed (but it cannot be changed afterwards). The system also warns the player leasing the aircraft if the condition is about to fall too low.

  • Aircraft that are leased can be now sent to long-term storage ("desert parking"). The lease fees are still paid normally, and you need to make the C/D checks to get the aircraft out of the storage normally. The airline fleet listing pages show also this information (says "Stored - Leased from xxx"). Leases can be extended/terminated while in storage. Manual is also updated to match this change.

  • 'My Aircraft' page's 'Technical view' has now information about the noise certification of each aircraft. This info is sortable as usual, and it replaces the aircraft age field in this view (age is visible from 'Maintenance view').

  • Aircraft upgrades (hushkits) can now be installed even if the aircraft is already in maintenance. This simply makes the maintenance check longer by the period required by the hushkit installation (usually 14 days).

  • 'My Aircraft' page listing view shows now a green or red checkmark based on the automatic lease extension of each aircraft.

  • The used aircraft leasing window has been reformatted a bit with a clearer information about the contract rules (like extension possibilities etc). Added also tooltips that explain more.

  • Game inbox messages about automatic lease extensions have now a better direct link the aircraft in question.

  • Updated the Mitsubishi Regional Jet certification dates to the master database (program delayed) - this change affects only new games.

  • Sorting by MSN on 'My Aircraft' page did not work always.

  • A better strike warning message is added to 'Dashboard'.

  • Made error message on failed aircraft upgrade installations and failed aircraft storage better.

  • Fixed incorrect pax demand values on some domestic routes for Kunming airport (ZPPK) compared to the old airport for the same city.

  • Fixed incorrect cost estimate on 'My Aircraft' page when using multi-select for aircraft storage.

  • Aircraft lease extension allowance did not always tag correctly in player-to-player leases (was disallowed although it should have been allowed).

  • Route creation of the 'easy-start' function takes now into account also the noise restrictions at the destination airport. Also the payload and runway limitations are checked correctly now. Fixed also one scheduling bug that could have created overlapping flights in some cases.

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Events update

These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • The World Events module's data has been updated.

    • Added images to all events (visible in the news)

    • Added 13 more events (thanks to CarlBagot)

    • Changed the intervals of some events so that they do not occur so often (and other such minor changes in certain event durations and effects).

    • Texts of the news on many events have been re-written to remove unnecessary repetition (and otherwise improved too).

  • The changes are visible in all new events generated by the system (= takes a month or two in game time).

  • Transfer from old Gothenburg airport (Torslanda) to the new one (Landvetter) did not work automatically, fixed.

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Events update vol #2

These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • The World Events module's data has been further updated:

    • Even better and longer event descriptions and better formatting of them (to look better with the images at the news feed).

    • Some minor changes to the details of some events, like the duration and intensity of them.

    • Added five new events (Car racing series event, Athletics cup, Music festivals, World beer festivals, World expo)

    • Adjusted the way the event information is posted to the Twitter and RSS news feeds - now more of the important events are available in the feeds.

    • Fixed also a few incorrect images at some of the existing events.

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Minor fixes and updates

These updates are effective in all game worlds (apart from the aircraft/airport data updates).

Updated features
  • New aircraft: Junkers Ju 52/3m.

  • Yuma (KYUM) airport curfew changed.

  • The 'easy start' function supports now pre-defined base airports (= we can preset the starting airport for each player, and the easy start system works now with that too). (this system is used mainly in custom scenarios for our educational clients)

  • The 'easy start' function's airport finder wizard is improved to find more potential airports in the case there are limited choices for new bases (when most of the potential demand has been already filled). A few error messages have been also improved for this feature.

  • The 'Status of production' line at aircraft information pages tells you now if the model is in 'design phase' or 'production is about to start' (when certification is less than 6 months away). The estimated certification date is also shown if it is less than 2 years away.

  • The 'easy start' function did not check the night curfew of the home base upon arrival - fixed. It checks now also the slot costs vs. available cash in a better way than before. And during the first game day (when time is frozen) it no more assigns three aircraft for new players - it's always 2 like with the normal start.

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Fixes and background updates

Background / technical updates related to the cargo features in development. These updates are effective in all game worlds.

Updated features
  • The aircraft payload vs. range calculation is updated. The payload is calculated now more precisely as the weight of passengers and their luggage (the 'checked bags' going in to cargo holds) is separated, and the amount of luggage is variable according to the aircraft size (in relation to the four a/c size classes). This is made to model the fact that usually people carry less checked bags on shorter flights.

    Previously all passengers+bags where of the same weight on all flights, but now it will be more realistic.

    The update is rolled in technically but the values of the pax/bag weights have not yet been adjusted for the new cargo related settings. So there are no visible changes yet. But once the settings changes will be done (during the next week), you may notice a slight change in the displayed "nominal" range of your aircraft (= the range the plane is able to fly with full passenger payload). This affects mostly only small and medium class aircraft since they will carry less bags and hence less overall weight/payload, leading to an improved range. The changes for most part are very minimal, only about 10-20 nm.

    For now you should not see any changes anywhere - but if there are odd aircraft range figures, please report them as many parts of the code were changed and there may be minor issues here and there.

  • Other cargo related updates to the interface, and technical/background systems have been also implemented, but all of that is naturally hidden still (but rolled in already bit by bit to make sure the eventual large upgrade is easier). Work continues on this feature every now and then, and the aim is to include the feature in all existing game worlds.

  • The mouseover tooltip function is updated a bit - the tooltip did not align properly in all cases.

  • Aircraft ordering financial quote box was sometimes overflowing out of the table/box, fixed.

  • Bournemouth airport curfew changed (only for new game worlds)

  • Added one missing world event news picture again..

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Data updates, new airports

New airports and minor aircraft data changes. Effective in all game worlds (demand figures will take a while to adjust/show up).

Updated features
  • Added two new weight variants for the MD-80 series:

    MD-87: +4.3 tn MTOW. Full standard pax payload range 2780nm.
    MD-88: +4.7 tn MTOW. Full standard pax payload range 2520nm.

    (these are extra fuel tank variants with smaller cargo space)

  • Added 42 new airports (Canada, Africa), total airport count is now 2879:

    McGill Field - Brandon, CYBR / YBR
    Durban - King Shaka, FALE / DUR
    Kruger Mpumalanga, FAKN / MQP
    Pretoria - Wonderboom, FAWB / PRY
    Pietermaritzburg - Oribi, FAPM / PZB
    Richards Bay, FARB / RCB
    Polokwane - Gateway, FAPP / PTG
    Hoedspruit - Eastgate, FAHS / HDS
    Skukuza, FASZ / SZK
    Phalaborwa - Kruger Park Gateway, FAPH / PHW
    Sishen, FASS / SIS
    Margate, FAMG / MGH
    Mthatha, FAUT / UTT
    Plettenberg Bay, FAPB / PBZ
    Mafikeng, FAMM / MBD
    Nelspruit, FANS / NLP
    Alexander Bay, FAAB / ALJ
    Newcastle, FANC / NCS
    Johannesburg - Rand, FAGM / QRA
    Grand Central, FAGC / GCJ
    Ulundi, FAUL / ULD
    Bisho, FABE / BIY
    Mossel Bay, FAMO / MZY
    Ulusaba, FAUS / ULX
    Londolozi, FALD / LDZ
    Sabi Sabi, FASE / GSS
    Phinda, FADQ / PZL
    Mala Mala, FAMD / AAM
    Ngala, FANG / NGL
    Sikhupe - King Mswati Iii, FDSK / SHO
    Rundu, FYRU / NDU
    Kasane, FBKE / BBK
    Inhambane, FQIN / INH
    Vilankulu, FQVL / VNX
    Beira, FQBR / BEW
    Tete - Chingozi, FQTT / TET
    Chimoio, FQCH / VPY
    Nacala, FQNC / MNC
    Nampula, FQNP / APL
    Quelimane, FQQL / UEL
    Lichinga, FQLC / VXC
    Pemba, FQPB / POL

    Runway data of some of these airports is still incomplete and will be amended in the future.

  • Updated the data on following 24 airports (Africa):

    Johannesburg, FAJS / JNB (* note; FAOR is the new icao code for this airport in real life, change of that is not supported)
    Cape Town, FACT / CPT
    Durban, FADN / DUR (closed in 2010, replaced by FALE) (* note; game worlds that have already passed year 2010 will continue to be served by this old Durban airport; new airport won't be modelled there)
    Port Elizabeth, FAPE / PLZ
    East London, FAEL / ELS
    George, FAGG / GRJ
    Bloemfontein, FABL / BFN
    Kimberley, FAKM / KIM
    Upington, FAUP / UTN
    Lanseria, FALA / HLA
    Pilanesberg, FAPN / NTY
    Maseru - Moshoeshoe, FXMM / MSU
    Manzini - Matsapha, FDMS / MTS
    Katima Mulilo, FYKM / MPA
    Keetmanshoop, FYKT / KMP
    Luderitz, FYLZ / LUD
    Ondangwa, FYOA / OND
    Walvis Bay, FYWB / WVB
    Windhoek - Eros, FYWE / ERS
    Windhoek - Hosea Kutako, FYWH / WDH
    Gabarone - Sir Seretse Khama, FBSK / GBE
    Maun, FBMN / MUB
    Francistown, FBFT / FRW
    Maputo, FQMA / MPM

    The data is updated on following: pax numbers, pax distribution, curfew, airport opening date

    Full airport list:

    Note: Due to the update the passenger statistics of the airports (total passengers transported this/previous year) might not be available. Sorry for this.

  • The aircraft range calculation updates outlined in the previous post are now live.

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Background updates

A lot of updates to the user interface have been added in preparation of the cargo features. Most of these changes are hidden but some pages include minor visible interface changes already.

The cargo interface work is still ongoing and updates are implemented already bit by bit to iron out any minor issues. None of these cargo features are yet visible or available in any game. These new features will be previewed in detail a bit later in another thread. (this changelog entry is posted so let you know of the updates in case something does not look right..)

Updated features
  • Runway data of about 50 African airports updated. So far only to the master database, not to any running games yet.

  • 'Ticket income' words changed to 'Ticket revenue' for clarity.

  • Route planning page's market share chart renamed to 'Market share, transported passengers' and added the cargo market share chart capability. Route map is also moved due to this.

  • Added cargo demand display capability to the Route planning pages.

  • Manage routes page can now display average cargo LF (when cargo is enabled the field 'Avg LF%' will read 'Avg PLF%' and a new field 'Avg CLF%' is added).

  • Pricing tools at Manage routes page support cargo pricing now too. Destination view's combined pricing tool has the also the option to quick-adjust only pax or cargo prices. All the pricing pages have now better keyboard usability too (tab to jump to next item works better).

  • Route information page supports cargo data too. The 'Ticket prices' section will also include 'Cargo rates' and the prices and sales history is displayed in similar manner than for tickets. The 'Route history' section includes 'Average cargo load factor' field at the header and a 'Average cargo load factor' chart below the 'Average pax load factor' chart. The Expanded statistics will display 'Carried cargo' and 'Cargo load factor' fields.

  • My Aircraft listing page has a similar cargo LF display as in Manage routes page.

  • My Aircraft details page shows Avg Cargo LF% and cargo revenue. The cargo capacity information is also added to this page and to all other aircraft pages (aircraft information, compare aircraft etc.).

  • Scheduling page will automatically calculate the cargo capacity for each flight when flight is scheduled, based on

  • Statistics include now all sorts of cargo stats

  • All financial statement pages (Income statement etc.) include the support for cargo figures.

  • All background calculation systems support also cargo, for example all financial calculations. The first version of cargo distribution system is also included (= calculation of cargo sales for flights).
(there are still several pages and sections of the interface requiring the inclusion of cargo systems and this work is still ongoing)

  • Route Image page's search did not work with airport code, fixed. Search works with airport name, icao code and iata code.

  • The previous airport upgrade did not go well and caused some issues for some airports in Game World #2 - they've been adjusted

This thread is locked and is reserved for announcements only. Please make all comments to the General forums:,60273.0.html


Cargo updates

The first private cargo test game is under way and this update has minor fixes and updates related to feedback from that game, among a few other things. (= most of these changes are still invisible in all normal games)

Updated features
  • The chart module generating the visual line/bar/pie charts/graphs has been updated. It is now fully HTML5/JS based so it's bye-bye Flash (previously it has been Flash-based but with a HTML5 fallback for mobile devices). It should be faster and better compatible with all devices. The update is still a bit in progress, some pages in the routes section are using the old version charts still. At the same time the charting code has been updated and it's better manageable now (the styles of all charts are grouped for easier administration etc). The visual style of some of the charts may have changed a bit, but all changes should be minor (some of the changes are merely because of the updated technology, even though all settings/styling remain the same). Please report any technical issues...

  • Minor improvements to the easy-start feature's background logic. The function includes now also the cargo carrying calculations for the new routes.

  • AI Airlines creation functionality improved (system used by our educational clients).

  • New game world settings option; possibility to choose a list of airports that are allowed for HQ/basing (= limit the possible bases only to a list of pre-designated airports). This is used in small test games and in other custom game worlds.

  • Manage Routes page has now a 'type of operation' filter (to show cargo-only or pax-only routes, or both). Visible only when cargo feature enabled.

  • Route Image page has now a 'type of operation' filter. Visible only when cargo feature enabled.

  • Transported Passengers page renamed as Transported Pax / Cargo if cargo feature is enabled.

  • Transported Pax/Cargo page has now also a cargo history chart. It has been also reformatted, and also removed the avg. LF and avg. price from this page.

  • The transported passengers chart's layout has been changed a bit.

  • Office page includes a cargo history chart.

  • Airline info pages include a cargo history chart.

  • Route planning charts include now kg/lbs suffix on cargo numbers.

  • Dropdown menu's "Expand base list" system did not work well with pages with tabbed content, like Dashboard. Fixed.

  • Route planning bugfix: cargo routes starting soon did not show up in the supply bar.

  • Route planning bugfix: using imperial units showed wrong figures for cargo.

  • Stats bugfix: had "100.1%" cargo LF in stats due rounding.

  • Stats bugfixes: one missing icon, and all expanded cargo stats did not load.

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New Achievements

As part of a project to make the game set you different challenges, we've added some new Achievements and updated some of the old ones.

Some of the Achievements have now levels 1-5 instead of 1-3. Levels have been adjusted on some Achievements so that they start at a lower level and end at a higher level than before.

New and updated Achievements

  • [updated] Airline value: Level 4 ($200 000 000 000) and Level 5 ($350 000 000 000) added. Level 3 updated ($200 000 000 000 => $100 000 000 000).

  • [updated] Airline age: Level 4 (40 years with no bankruptcies) and Level 5 (60 years) added. Level 1 updated (10 => 5).

  • [updated] Aircraft fleet (in operation): All levels updated, and two new added. Level 1 (100) to level 5 (1500). Achievement updated to include a requirement that the aircraft must have routes scheduled (= in operation)

  • [updated] Number of owned aircraft: All levels updated, and two new added. Level 1 (50) to level 5 (1200). Long-term stored planes do not count for this.

  • [updated] Survivor: Has now three levels based on the game world length (Level 1; 3-6 months, Level 2; 6-12 months, Level 3 >12 months). So playing/finishing a very long game will give you only Level 3, not Level 1/2. Existing Achivements of this class become Level 1. Requirement is to join within first two game days and then complete the full game world without bankruptcies ever.

  • [updated] To the end: Has now three levels based on the duration of play (Level 1 >60 real days, Level 3 >365 real days). Existing Achivements of this class become Level 1.

  • [new] Aircraft lessor: Number of aircraft leased to other airlines, three levels (20, 50, 100).

  • [new] Parking attendant: Number of aircraft parked in long-term storage, three levels (15, 50, 100).

  • [new] Business expansion: Number of base airports (incl. HQ) active, three levels (4, 7, 10). Each base must be >90 days old with at least 10 aircraft on scheduled routes.

You can view your Achievements from the My Account page:

In-Game achievements are checked once every game week, and they are now awarded gradually (so you cannot earn two levels of the same Achievement immediately at the same time, you only first get the lower level and then on second week the another level).

More Achievements will be added later on!
(there will be ones based for example on the origin of aircraft, for example if you operate a lot of Brazilian aircraft to name one)

Other updated features
  • The passenger and cargo supply/demand charts have now data filters that hide unnecessary data. For example if F class demand is zero on every day, the F class demand bar is not shown at all.

  • My Aircraft page and Scheduling page tooltip (hover over a/c reg) includes cargo capacity info

  • Airport Destinations and Timetables page shows now cargo-only flights with a separate "F" indicator next to aircraft code. Aircraft code has also now direct links to aircraft info pages.

  • Same cargo-only indicator is also present at Route Planning page and Airline Information page's timetable sections.

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New final results dashboard

The game world final results page has received a complete makeover. This is the page that is viewable for up to two weeks after a game world has ended, allowing you to browse the final statistics and basic details of your and other airlines.

There have been also various small interface changes and fixes on many pages. The work on the cargo features continues also in small increments.

New and updated features

  • The "final results" mode of the game has been updated from the ground up. The results page has a completely new layout (screenshots below) and all vital information collected to the front page. Access to more detailed information on sub-pages is still retained like previously. Data/formatting on some of the sub-pages has been also improved a bit.

  • Airline Score stats added to the Statistics page. Please note that this stat, like all others, are updated twice a month (to enable the position change trend indicator). So the score displayed on the airline listing pages (updated daily) is sometimes different from the statistics pages (updated 2x monthly).

  • Airline listing page includes now the country flags of airline's HQ countries. Same also at the alliance's member airline listing page.

  • Routes area main page is cached for better loading speed. The charts on this page are also updated to use the new charts library and the Avg.LF charts have a tad more information.

  • Routes area main page includes now also cargo history LF charts.

  • New aircraft listing page includes now cargo capacity information.

  • Cargo capacity data added to My Aircraft page's Technical view.

  • The World Events module has been updated to support cargo. The pax and cargo have now separate modifiers for event-based demand changes (can create events that affect only cargo for example).

  • Airline creation page's Easy / Advanced selection texts improved.

  • Some of the statistics page's icons have been updated.

  • Default sorting order at alliance listing page changed to score (like in airline listing pages).

  • Achievements information popup dialog on Dashboard updated/reformatted.

  • Dashboard link "change game" is renamed to "select another game world" to make it more clear.

  • Sorting by MSN on My Aircraft page improved (in case of leased out planes).

  • Formatting of some charts/graphs updated a bit for better readability.

  • Payload limitations in route editor are now shown in kg/lbs for pure freighter planes.

  • Transported passengers chart hidden from Airline information page if the airline is not flying any passengers (only cargo), or data otherwise not available (does not load a chart with no data anymore).

  • Sorting by 'count' at aircraft configuration listing page did not work, fixed. Page loading is now also a bit faster.

  • Filtering by country name at Route Image, Scheduling and Manage Routes page did not work always if country name had some non-latin characters, fixed.

  • Made the An-225 related world event to appear only after 1988.

  • Airline fleet listing formatting improved a bit to make it consistent.

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New notification messages (test)

A new type of notification message system has been added to the Dashboard for testing purposes. I would like your feedback on the functionality.

When you like/unlike airline press releases you can see the "post liked" message appearing at the bottom-right corner of the screen. The message will automatically disappear after 5 seconds, or when you click anywhere on that message box.

Multiple simultaneous messages are supported and there are four different message types (ok, error, warning, info) each having a distinct colour scheme and icon, like in the current big notification messages appearing at the top of the interface whenever you perform some actions.

If this system works and is found suitable, these small notifications will be later on used elsewhere in the site too, for example on the scheduling page on actions that do not require a full page reload.

Please go share some "likes" to the press releases from the game dashboard and let me know what you think of this notification message format.

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Airline press releases

The handling of airline press releases in the game interface has been improved:

  • All of the formatting functions (the BBC tags) that are available in the forums work and show up now in the game interface. So the press releases show up now inside the game in exactly the same way like in forums. (= no more formatting issues, and more tags/formatting choices)

  • The attached images show up also in the dashboard section of press releases now too. Previously they were only visible in the airline details page. (you can also attach images with the inline [img]-tag from an external server - but it is not preferred since connections to outside servers may slow the game interface; and if that happens the usage of the img-tag may have to be blocked from press releases)

  • Smileys and everything work too... Just don't overdo the posts with these new abilities please. ;)

  • A reminder for alliance managers too. You can create alliance's press releases by adding a single [alliance] tag as the first text of the press release text.

(enjoy also a picture of our office mascot...)

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More new Achievements

The second update batch of new in-game Achievements has been added. There's still more to come later on.

New and updated Achievements

  • [updated] Personal wealth: All levels updates, and two new levels added.

  • [updated] Yearly passengers: All levels updates, and two new levels added.

  • [updated] Airports served: All levels updates, and two new levels added.

  • [new] Small aircraft operator: Three levels - "Managed an airline with at least 20/50/100 Small aircraft in operation."

  • [new] Medium aircraft operator: Three levels - "Managed an airline with at least 40/300/800 Medium aircraft in operation."

  • [new] Large aircraft operator: Three levels - "Managed an airline with at least 60/400/1000 Large aircraft in operation."

  • [new] Very Large aircraft operator: Three levels - "Managed an airline with at least 40/300/800 Very Large aircraft in operation."

  • [new] High profits: Three levels - "Managed an airline with quarterly profit margin over 25/40/55%." (based on the previous full quarter)

  • [new] Full house: Three levels - "The quarterly average Load Factor of your airline was more than 95/97/99%." (based on the previous full quarter. Includes also requirements for airline age and fleet size.)

  • [new] Empty planes: Three levels - "The quarterly average Load Factor of your airline was less than 30/25/20%." (based on the previous full quarter. Includes also requirements for airline age and fleet size.)

You can view your Achievements from the My Account page:

Other updates / fixes
  • The Average Pax LF field is hidden from My Aircraft section's aircraft details page if there are no passenger services offered (=only cargo).

  • In case of cargo-only flights the Manage Routes page no longer shows Pax LF and Yield values as 0 when there is no pax service, it's now 'N/A' instead (to avoid you thinking that the flight is flying empty).

  • Manage Routes page lists the aircraft ICAO code with extra 'F' suffix in the same manner as airport timetable pages for cargo-only planes.

  • Passenger capacity blocking did not free up cargo space from luggage to cargo. Fixed.

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