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Author Topic: Unrealistic Traffic/Infra at Indian airports  (Read 545 times)

Offline Dharmaatica

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Unrealistic Traffic/Infra at Indian airports
« on: June 18, 2019, 06:27:47 AM »
Major issue with AWS: Traffic & Infra at Indian airports. Not quite realistically modeled.

Issue 1: There are 410 small and large airfields in India. Around 80 of them had atleast 1x daily service by my former employer. 60 of them could support the "Medium" aircraft operated by the airline - Viscounts upto 1965, Caravelles from 1965 and 737's from 1974. AWS has just 40.

I have noticed that the infra development doesn't keep to this "real world" schedule. I cannot schedule Caravelles to a major airport like PAT for example. In real life we operated DEL-PAT-CCU with Caravelle 2x/day. VOBG (Old Bangalore HAL airport) NEVER had watch hour restrictions - definitely not in the 80's. IXL otoh always had operating hours as did SXR. AWS gets this wrong.

Some airports have load restrictions on outbound sectors that doesn't seem to be modelled in AWS. As an example, PAT and IXL have been restricted to A319/73G for years now. A320's operating ex-PAT/IXL are load restricted to 140 seats.

VEVZ/VTZ doesn't have any restrictions in AWS. In real life, it was subject to the worst "Watch Hours"/Curfew restrictions till very recently - worse than VAGO/GOI.

The traffic level between most sectors is also somewhat unrealistic. As a thumb rule, all routes between state capitals(all except IXR/VERC modelled in AWS) and BOM/DEL had atleast 2 "medium" aircraft scheduled every day since the 60's. And most were "Waitlisted" flights which points to significant traffic flow.

Not sure if this is possible to model in AWS. But the traffic growth has seen some patterns. Significant drop in traffic ex-CCU in the 80's. Starting mid-70's, significant jump in Middle East traffic especially from points in Southern India. Post 1980, traffic flow to Middle East from BLR/CCJ/COK and TRV exceeded traffic flow from BOM for example. My airline had regularly scheduled our largest widebody to SHJ from the southern airports starting from the early 80's. :) Traffic ex-BLR to points in Europe/NA significantly jumped in the 80's.

Offline jetbirdceo

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Re: Unrealistic Traffic/Infra at Indian airports
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2019, 11:59:26 PM »
I have noticed this as well, especially regarding international traffic to the major Indian airports (BOM, DEL, etc).


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