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Interesting Observation on my Trip to the Philippines

Started by JJP, May 27, 2019, 08:29:32 PM



I recently took a trip to the Philippines.  The main leg was from DTW (Detroit) to ICN (Seoul).  The main leg was aboard an A350-900 flown by Delta.  Beautiful!  Very nice plane with quite a good amount of leg room in coach, though I would say it gets quite uncomfortable after 14 hours!  After I flew into Cebu, we took a jog over to the island of Mindanao (Ozamis City) aboard a Dash 8 Q400 "Next Gen". 

The main point of this thread is to ask about real-world seating arrangement possibilities versus the game.  On this Q400, there were 23 rows of 4 seats (two on each side of the aisle) for a total of 92 seats.  I don't think this is possible in AirwaySim, is it? Now, please understand, the flight was less than an hour.  However, it worked out brilliantly, and I did not feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced at all.

Just wondering how AirwaySim figures max Y capacity versus what you can do in the real world.

Oh, by the way, the plane was quite loud.  I expected this turbo-prop to be kind of quiet, but -holy cow - those props are LOUD!




Welcome back!

Interesting, this link states max is 90. Don't think I've heard of an extra capacity version Q400 Next Gen before. I suppose it has to be true?

Sounds like a bug report, maybe..

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This hi density seating is a new option at Bombardier. First delivered to SpiceJet last year I believe. Max is 90, so one row is only half.