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Estimated Demand

Started by novashuttle, May 15, 2019, 07:30:00 PM


Hi! When planning to open a route you obviously look at the estimated pax numbers against the current supply. However  I do have a question which could spell either success of failure of my routes.

An example;

Geneva to London Gatwick has an Estimated Demand (pax/day) of 778. Is this estimate for all journeys Gatwick including return, result in 389 demand Geneva to Gatwick and 389 Gatwick to Geneva? Or is it one way i.e. Geneva to Gatwick 778, and Gatwick to Geneva 778, resulting in a total estimated pax per day of 1556 pax?

It's just something that's got me concerned.

Thanks all!


The demand is for one leg only, so yes, around 1500 total.
99.5% of the time, the demand is symmetrical and you don't have to worry. Mostly in Asia, some routes remain asymmetrical, but they are really few.
You can also check the demand on the return leg by clicking "Route planning LSGG - EGKK" in the upper right corner of the window.


Thank you so much. As the saying goes, learn something new every day!