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Used Market Purchasing Delay

Started by rntair, February 25, 2019, 09:45:13 PM


I notice that I can buy/lease two aircraft off the UM on one game day, and then a "your staff is busy managing the purchase of new aircraft" message appears, and I have to wait until the next game day. If I wait a bit this message goes away, but I'd like to know the actual game time it takes to go from acquiring 2 aircraft off the UM, 1 more the next game day, and then to acquiring another x game days later.
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you're allowed 3 a week (7 days). If you're uncertain of what dates you ordered, go to "aircraft on order" in the plane menu. I add 8 to the date of the third plane from the bottom. So if the third plane from the bottom was ordered 10-Mar-2001, the next used plane can be order 18-Mar-2001. If your rubbish at how many days are in the month, like me, take 6 off the delivery date. So if getting delivered 10-Mar-2001, you can order the next one 04-Mar-2001.

It's probably in the manual somewhere...



Yes, but it's actually three planes every eight days, not every week (very long standing bug?), hence your "adding 8" thing.