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Aircraft Replacement

Started by ATA67, January 24, 2019, 02:59:30 PM


How should I replace my fleet?

747-100: 3
747-200B: 1
747-400: 34
757-200: 11
767-200ER: 1
767-300ER: 2
767:300ERF: 1
777-200ER: 3
777-300ER: 4
A300B4-600: 5
A320-200: 145
A321-100: 12
A321-200: 13
A340-300: 10
A340-300X: 1

I would like to modernize and simplify the existing fleet.
The year is 2011.


Ah. What a mess :laugh:
More seriously, you should try to keep you fleet types at 3 max, as the 4th fleet penalty might hurt you real bad. As your airline is not that big (ie, under 300 planes), you can still cope with the increased costs, but now you're at 8 types, and there's a 2nd jump from 6 to 7. So yeah, time to simplify a lot!

Here's what I would do.
LH: go all the way for the 777. It has both range (777X and -200LR) and capacity, and has a cargo variant. Will replace all you got (767, 747, A340, A300). So from 6 LH fleets, you go to one.
Side note: The 747 is nice to fly, but difficult to make profitable in AWS. Plus, using both types (-100 -200 vs -400) is nonsense.

Virtually, you're already ok. But you could also get rid of the 757 if the A32x neo are already released. Very nice range, almost the one of the 757-200, and much better fuel consumption. If the range is really a problem (3800-4000nm), see if you cannot transfer these last routes to a 777-200.

Hope that helps (it should :)),



Hmm, sorry but which game world are you playing in with such a fleet?


Quote from: Sami on January 24, 2019, 03:17:17 PM
Hmm, sorry but which game world are you playing in with such a fleet?

Hmm... Should've checked the profile before answering.

"This user has no active airlines in the game." :-\


oh, sorry, Im playing in a different game with bad fourms. So, I figured Id come here and ask. BUT THIS IS A GREAT GAME. I might swich to this one.


and i bought a old airline, thats where all the 747s, A340s, and A300s came from.


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