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Fleet commonalization

Started by APTamas, March 12, 2018, 01:55:06 PM


I use three aircraft types: A320, A330, B737. Can I introduce a new aircraft type? (for exemple Embraer E-Jets)

Thank you for your answers,


You can, you always can. But this will be costly.

There is always a small increase in cost each time you add a fleet, but big penalties applies:
- from 2 to 3 fleets under 70 planes
- from 3 to 4 fleets
- from 6 to 7 fleets (iirc, not completely sure about that one).

Penalties 2 and 3 are getting proportionally bigger and bigger as your overall fleet is larger. Ok at 200 planes, boring at 300, dangerous at 400 and almost killing you when larger than that. The 3rd probably as well, but I would really recommend not to try it.



However, A320 family and 737 family are basically doing the exact same job. I'd highly recommend you to merge them (chose the one that suit you better / costs less / have more of that one / anything you want) and thus you'll be able to have another type of ops.

However, be careful about next renewals. Expanding is relatively easy given you follow the right steps. Having a renewal when you have hundreds of birds is the real challenge. Should be planned well ahead (possibly decades), and usually with the support of other players to fasten it (don't want to stay at 4 fleet types for ages). Well, that's a quite complicated matter but you get the basic ideas.