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Banking Flight Schedules

Started by JohnGaleazza, March 10, 2018, 09:04:00 PM


Has anyone experimented with banking flight schedules?  I.e.  All regional flights arrive at xx:xx +/- 1 hr with long haul flights leaving at xx:xx+2hrs +/- 1 hr.

Does the game model this at all is there a benefit to doing this kind of complex scheduling?


The game does not support connections, so this does in itself not offer any benefits.
However if you have an airline with a lot of east west flights you might end up with a banked system.
This is really useful when using a "seven day schedule" (if you want to find out more gazz0x2z has an excelent tutorial about that:,71633.msg414894.html#msg414894)

For example my airline (in GW3) based in Cairo has a ton of flights leaving to Europe between 1700-1900. This is because (with time difference and flight time) this means the aircraft can arrive, turnaround and depart a destination in Europe before midnight. Then I fill up the days with (preferably) shorter flights. If I can manage to have it depart in my "Europe" bank that's great. If it cannot depart between 1700-1900, I try to push it to about 2200-2300 as it then can fly overnight to Asia, and do it's return flight in the morning. This results in me having an Asia bank just before midnight.

Hope this helps!