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Buying a second aircraft type or overserving routes?

Started by Cedric3108, February 13, 2018, 01:36:12 PM


Hey guys and gals, hope this question hasn't been asked too many times before, but I can't find an answer that fits...

Here's my situation: I'm running a short-medium haul operation out of TXL, right now I operate with a single fleet of 12 MD-80. But now I run into the problem that I can't find new routes anymore where the MD-80 doesn't overserve. There would still be some possible routes to fly in the 90-110 passenger range, but since my MD-80s are configured at ~140 seats, I would overserve these routes by operating one daily flight.
So my question to you experienced guys and gals is: is it better to add more MD-80s and overserve the routes but keep a single fleet and thus high commonality, or add a second smaller type (like CRJs) and have an aircraft that better matches the routes but therefore lose commonality in the fleet.

Thanks a lot,


As you are no doubt aware, the longer game worlds are a step up from the beginners worlds. My advice is to manage your present airline as if you were  in competition with the experienced pros of a full game, and learn your trade well. Probably, the most important facet of airline management, is restricting the different fleet types you operate to the minimum. If you can continue to operate the md80s with a load factor of 67%, they should still be earning money. Schedule a plane on a 90 passenger route and check the income and expenditure that results. Only my personal opinion.


To add to my colleague's excellent answer, I'd add that there are 5 main niches in this game : small - medium turboprop - medium jet - large - very large. Due to the commonality rules, it's better to stick to 2 of those niches, and have only one fleet type per niche(plus one for the transitions).

TXL is not a very big airport. IMHO, it's not possible to play the large-very large combination that works only on the very big airports. So you have the choice between looking for another base for your MD80s after filling 90-demand routes, or spamming lower-demand routes with smaller regional aircraft. Both solutions have their issues. Keeping large only makes you vulnerable to medium-spammers on everything up to 800/1000NM of distance. Adding your second niche right now while you have only 12 large aircraft will increase your commonality cost rather quicker, which is why paddk989 advises against it.

As it's beginner's game and you are based in the European Union, there are probably plenty of airports where you can grow. In a real game world, though, I'd advise you to "lock" your headquarter to deter anyone to attack you there. In current GW2, I'm playing in Poland, and all routes below 900NM and over 20 demand are covered by at least one F28 flight(in 55 seats configuration). In each of the 6 decent airports of the country. That's a bit extreme, but whoever would try to invite itself there would just lose money.


For the smaller airports like that it's better to go with a medium aircraft, of course the best examples will have higher buy in costs. You could always transition your types once you've got money coming in eventually going back to single fleet.