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The new Game World #3 with cargo is now open

Started by Sami, December 17, 2017, 06:00:10 PM


The new Game World #3 is now open and welcomes all new airline managers!

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Game World #3 is our "Modern Times" scenario that focuses on managing the airlines in the present and future era. The overall play duration of this game is about 11 months.

Cargo features are included in this scenario!

This game world follows the standard settings for long AirwaySim games:
  • Standard difficulty level

  • Cargo with City Based Demand system included (the passenger demand model still follows the older more static model).

  • Time span: 1998 - 2036, 30 minutes per game day.

  • All airports, all aircraft models (including the "prototypes") and all features are included.

  • Fuel prices are customized and may not follow real world history.

  • Passenger demand levels follow the standard realistic settings but are lower at the very start of the game and will gradually grow.

  • The aircraft production rates and amount of airport slots are higher compared to the standard "realworld" setting.

If you have not played the Game World #1 and City Based Demand system is new for you, please read the following notes:
  • Remember that the cargo demand, which is in city based system, can change up or down.

  • Passenger values are calculated using the old system.

  • Familiarize yourself with the new "potential demand" concept (ref. manual). You should look at the potential demand as the best case scenario and it will be only reached if there is no competition on other surrounding airports to the same destination. Thus the actual demand (also shown in the charts) will usually be lower.

  • The new system models local economic climate - if a country has a recession the demand values can go down very much.

  • The changes in demand values are gradual but due to server performance some of the calculations are performed only a 1-3 times per game month for each area (especially now when the system has to deal with both the new and old system).

For the new cargo features here are some things to consider:
  • The less-developed countries produce less air cargo and hence the outgoing demand from poor countries will be small.

  • The amount of domestic vs international air cargo varies very much according to the country. Based of actual real-life stats in some countries, like Finland, the amount of domestic air cargo is very small (< 3% of all cargo). In some countries, like USA or Japan, the share of domestic air cargo is very high (~45%) of all cargo traffic.

  • Cargo demand is nearly never the same to/from a destination. This is because cargo is "one-way" and is always "produced" at the originating airport, based on the area's and country's specifications.

  • Where cargo is destined from the originating area depends on the factors of the receiving areas (i.e. the specifications of the country and the area), and also a few other factors such as distance. Air cargo is normally carried over long distances rather than short hops (but again domestic and international cargo will vary).

  • Cargo does not care if it is flown during the night. So utilize those cheap slots and aircraft downtime!

  • There are no cargo oversupply rules in the game (nor such are planned since the economic/demand model is so variable).

  • Remember that cargo conversions of aircraft can only be performed to the planes you own.

  • Some combi aircraft are included in the database but their pax capacity is fixed. There are no "flex-combi" planes where you can alter the space division between pax and cargo compartments.

If it has been a while since you started at early stages in a major AirwaySim games, here are a few reminders and tips:

  • The game clock is paused for the first day and will start moving after 24 hrs.

  • There are plenty of used aircraft available to begin with, but the used aircraft market will soon become limited and the popular aircraft types are sold/leased very quickly. Take care when picking the aircraft you plan to use. The used aircraft market will refresh several times during the first static 24 hour day.

  • New aircraft ordering will be available after the time starts to move (= from day 2 of the simulation).

  • Be patient with the route sales figures since your Route Image grows slowly. Do not spend all your cash on planes at once, remember to leave a good reserve. It takes time to gain profits and there might be unexpected early problems..

  • Some popular airports, or other small airports, will for sure become limited on airport slots soon. This is normal and you should use larger aircraft or other airports in that case.

  • Consider joining an alliance from early stages of the game, they are great resources for improving your game play (tips and help from fellow players).

All set! Move over to the Game Area and join the new game!