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Game World #3 opens this Sunday

Started by Sami, December 14, 2017, 12:25:26 PM


The new Game World #3 scenario will open on Sunday December 17th

Game World #3 is our "Modern Times" scenario that focuses on managing the airlines in the present and future era. The overall play duration of this game is about 11 months.

As with the recent Game World #1, the new World #3 will also include cargo! The cargo levels are naturally much higher in the modern era and with the new City Based Demand system driving the cargo you can really see how some countries develop and grow.

You can already pre-join this upcoming game world. Go to the Game Area and you will find this new game waiting for you there. With the pre-joining function you can reserve a spot in this new game and we will e-mail you to remind of the game world's opening on Sunday.

The opening time of this game world will be at approximately 18.00 UTC on this Sunday. And as usual the first 24 hours of the game is static and the game clock will start to move after that so you will have plenty of time to start your airline before the action gets going.

This game world will follow the standard settings for long AirwaySim games:
  • Standard difficulty level

  • All airports, all aircraft models (including the "prototypes") and all features are included.

  • Cargo with City Based Demand system included.

  • Time span: 1998 - 2036, 30 minutes per game day.

  • Fuel prices are customized and may not follow real world history. Random world events are included too.

  • You can of course also earn the Achievements from this game like in all other "main" game scenarios at AirwaySim.

» Pre-join Game World #3