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Author Topic: First Time Player, looking for advice! Thanks  (Read 655 times)


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First Time Player, looking for advice! Thanks
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:41:03 PM »
Hi Guys,

This is my first game, I'm on Beginner W1. I have been making a lot of reading on the forums to learn (thanks to all the "gurus" that post, really useful!!!), and of course a lot newbie mistakes.

If any one is kind enough to look at my Airline (Alfa Tester Airlines ATA / PE), I would really appreciate it.  My Airline is based on SPJC/LIM on PerĂº. I wanted to start small, with no competition.

I've already learnt the basis: Keep your planes on the air, try not to take off/land between 23-05, keep your fleet groups at a minimum (this one I've learnt it too late), lease old or buy new (+-).

I think I'm doing +- ok for a beginner, but I've a few questions: My fleet is as this:

A. 737 500-700-800 flying short routes to South America, guess I'm doing well on this, but any advice is welcome.

B. Embraer 145ER doing local short routes @50 seats. The thing is I've just 2 of them, and not sure if is worth it to have more, since it doesn't seem to be demand for that short NM few pax routes. I'm making around 2.4M/month profit on this ones, with a fleet commonality of around 700k/month. It seems ok, but I don't know if hidden costs as Staff training, in fact are making me loose money or not.  I know for the post, that the advisable planes per fleet group is around 20. I've wont ever be able to have that on this airport, with tail wind at most 5 planes. Should I try to expand this fleet group or just drop the locals to buses?  ;D  Any advice on this?

C. 767s flying 3XXX-4XXX NM to US, I know I've a issue here, working on that, but still any advice welcome

D. LH routes been flown by MD-11.  I know, not the best choice, but I've started with leased 747, really old, not so cheap on the lease. Then I saw really cheap used MD-11, no too old (really cheap), and I bought them. I guessed: cheap, not old, less consumption, +- same pax & distance, lets do it! Of course I would like some 777, but can't afford it nor new nor used. I'know I wont be able to replace them before game ends, nor will they get old enough to be a problem. But my question here is: Is this were a longer game, and have been reached the point to replace that MD-11, would I be able to sell them, or they are just anchors you will carry till you decide to scrap them? Just trying to learn for future games!

And my last question: I've saw that when you star in a new game, you starts with X own money + Y borrowed money. The thing is, the X money you starts a new game, is carried on from your previous games? IE, If I closed ops on my actual game, sold all aircraft, fire all people, get a lot of money, and raised my salary to millions, become a millionaire, lets say I have 200M by my own, when I start a new game I start with those 200M, or the game just give you a standard amount of own money to start up an airline on a new world?  ::)

Hope not to been to annoying with my questions! Feel free to give my any feedback!


Offline paddk989

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Re: First Time Player, looking for advice! Thanks
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 08:27:03 PM »
The game just give you a standard amount of own money to start up an airline on a new world.
If you declare your airline bankrupt, and start again, the above is true. If you read the forum posts on a regular basis, your 90% there to becoming a competent player. I have been playing about a year now, a relatively newcomer, but I think restricting the number of fleet families to a minimum is crucial to achieving an acceptably high profit ratio percentage. The other important lessons to learn for me, was to formulate a long term fleet airplane replacement plan, and have the patience to adhere to it. I would question the advisability and requirement in my airline, to operate both the very large aircraft types 767 and md11. Personally, I would not operate 2 off airframes only of any aircraft. In future game years you may identify a golden opportunity of high passenger demand requiring an aircraft type you do not have, which would justify operating another aircraft type.

Offline gazzz0x2z

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Re: First Time Player, looking for advice! Thanks
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 06:37:05 PM »
Commonality costs are trinkets in beginner's world, so feel free to keep your ERJs. Those machines tend to get outdated in the 2010s, but there again, the beginner's world is forgiving. Don't do that in a real game, but for now, you can keep them.

In a real game, to prepare replacements, as paddk989 rightfully pointed out, the usual deal is to limit yourself to 2 fleet groups - the third one being there for replacements. For growth needs, you might tempt the devil and add a third group, but be sure to have the third group into the same niche than one of the first two. Because if not, you're screwed long term, as you'll awlays need 3 fleet groups, and your replacements will end up as hell.

For example, in current GW2, where planes are scarce and profitability - especially in Europe - is insanely high, I'm flying B377 for my first niche(100 seaters), and 2 different kind of birds for my second niche(regional planes) : CV24s & IL12s. IL12s are totally inferior to CV240s, but they help me covering more routes while my CV240 are sloooooow to come. The long-term objective is to unify those two fleet groups into a single one, of course. And as the year is 1956 and the game finishes in 2035, there will be several fleet replacements on my regional birds. B377s, too, will be replaced by more modern aircraft, then again, then again.....


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Re: First Time Player, looking for advice! Thanks
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2017, 09:05:55 PM »
Thanks Guys for the advices! I get the point.

Really nice from you to take time to read and reply

Thanks Again!


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