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commonality, shared between bases?, app version of game?

Started by groundbum2, May 08, 2017, 01:37:32 PM


I have two bases, KJFK is all Embrear, KJTT is all B734 family.

Can I mix my planes between my 2 bases without commonality going through the roof?

I love this game, coming back to it after a break. Any plans for an app version, eg Android?

Thanks, Simon


Commonality is .. well.. common across the company and bases. So having B737's at HQ and other airport is the same as having them all in HQ.


Great, thank you. It brings on another question. I've not renewed the leases on the Embrear so am 100%boeing except for the one Embrear I own and have on the market to sell/lease.

Whilst this last Embrear is on the market will I get extra commonality charges?

If I lease out and not sell the Embrear will I get hit by commonality charges for the duration of the lease?

Hope this makes sense,



Commonality is charged only against the airplanes that are flying for your company. I did test several times. I currently own(in GW3) a F100 leased to our friend King Kong, and my commonality only speaks about Airbuses and Boeings- which I'm fliying in great numbers.