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Author Topic: Game World #4 is now open!  (Read 766 times)

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Game World #4 is now open!
« on: September 22, 2016, 11:59:10 AM »
The new Game World #4 is now open

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GW#4 is one of the four main and long airline sim games at AirwaySim. This scenario, like its predeseccor, will start in 1970 and end in 2030. The first-generation jets have already entered the service and the air travel boom is starting.

This game world follows the standard settings for long AirwaySim games:
  • Standard difficulty level

  • All airports, all aircraft models (including the "prototypes") and all features are included.

  • Additional base airports follow the standard rules, max 10 bases per airline, and the amount of planes based outside HQ will grow over time.

  • Alliances are available to be formed from the first day.

  • Game's speed is 35 minutes per day until 1990, and 30 minutes between 1990-2010 and 25 minutes after that. (note; the time is progress is different from other game worlds this time)

  • Passenger demand levels are much larger than in real history at the start of the game. For most parts of the future there will be steady growth for the pax number but occasional periods of slower growth or even recessions have been tuned into the pax figures.

  • At the start of the game the factors for shorthaul traffic is elevated while longhaul demand is smaller than in standard situation. These will slowly move towards the standard setting as decades progress.

  • Fuel prices are random and may or may not follow the historical oil/jet fuel developments (or a combination of both where it follows the real history at some periods and is random at others).

  • The aircraft production rates and amount of airport slots are higher compared to the standard setting.

  • As always, it can be predicted that the popular aircraft models will soon be limited in supply at the used aircraft market. Do not count your expansion to their supply!

  • Remember that airports and geopolitical changes are modelled after real history. Not all airports are open yet, and you may not expand your airline to other countries inside European Union until much later in the game.

  • You have a plentiful cash supply to start with and the fuel prices are currently very low but remember to keep cash in reserve if something unexpected happens!

» Join the game here


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