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Flight operations division

Started by benlufc1989, July 29, 2016, 02:10:44 PM


i guess this could be more of a feature request, but anyways.

so i have 600 route pairs over 3 airports and 3 fleet types flying all over europe, northern africa and western asia ( 737-500 / 737-600 / 757-300 ) this equates to 8 pages of aircraft, when i first started allocating flights to an aircraft it was a case of just getting the route sorted and to get it flying to increase the image. now they are all at nearly full i want to tweak to get the most out of my fleet (some to get within optimal flight times and others where i could cram another flight in if possible), there is currently some that have decent size gaps (i leave an hour after next available departure time as a general rule.) now the only way i could start going through these would be one by one work out the times, range ect ect (something i probably should have done originally but its all about learning right)

is there any other way or could there be any other way of the game suggesting that if you could set ranges say i want my 1st flight to depart after 6am (slots being available) land - turnover (currently set @ 80min for my 737s) fly back then be able to fit another flight in to be back so i can schedule maintenance for midnight.

id be more than willing for this to be an extra charge (say they charge 25% of any savings and and upfront fee or however you want to work it maybe it would be similar to the upfront payment youd pay on purchasing a plane you could pay 80% up front and they take 20% of profit up to a certain amount or you pay 20% and they take 80% upto the certain amount all relative to how many planes you are doing it on.

for example if i have 75 planes that are the ones i want to "tidy up" the schedules and it was £1m a plane i could choose to pay £75m and have them all "optimized" (75m for what could be a good few hours i dont really have to spend on this game, as good as it is) or if i dont have the cash i could pay 15m now and they take 80% of the profits to the sum of 20% more of the total difference after paying the original 20% thats something that would have to be figured out but thats the general jist of it...

so 1st of all,

would this be possible?

would people like this idea?

am i just lazy and crazy ?

id hope to be able to optimize my aircraft enough so i could create more routes or be able to move an aircraft to another base and do the same at them bases and become efficient, this could also play into any "environment milestones" that could be put in the game   

thanks for reading

Matt Elphick

It would be good as i sometimes have to look at 2 or 3 different airport to get a correct route that works to add maintenance as well