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Author Topic: Clarification on the actual date of the first commercially avaliable AirbusA380  (Read 227 times)


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Clarification on the actual date of the first commercially avaliable AirbusA380 ...

So I have just finished watching a  documentary about the building of the Airbus A380 on Youtube called 'Giant of the Skies' filmed by Discovery Channel.

Here is the link of Episode 3/5 of the documentary -

If you skip to precisely 20:32 the narrator explains that it is March 30th 2005 and the first prototype is in the hanger for some of its final tests before the first ever 'test' flight of the A380 is done...

I am just curious as to why here in Beginners World #1 - It is currently 2004 and I have checked the Aircraft avalible for purchase and it currently shows the Airbus A380 is avaliable to purchase  ???

I know Airwaysim is just a simulation and all that, however it seems like for the sake of being accurate it might as well follow the true year it actually became avaliable since it seems other aircraft have new announcements of when they will be avaliable for pre-orders etc..

Just curious about this point, not an incredible biggy but in my opinion a simulation as accurate as some parts of Airwaysim is, should at least justify correct avaliable dates for aircraft to be purchased etc..

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Offline Frogiton

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Im not in the game but it could be available for pre-order and not actually in production
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True point.. Let me quickly check ... It seems you are correct on that point - it does show that the Model is in design phase... However it also states that the 'Certification is expected July 2008...  :-\

A few more small points to point out that I forgot to mention -

It states on Wiki that the first actual flight was made on April 2005 and it entered commercial service in october 2007 with Singapore Airlines...

 So in 'Beginners World #1 it should be avaliable 2007.... why is certification expected July 2008?

Offline knobbygb

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The person who likes this post:
The availability dates in the game are randomised somewhat (I think 18 months either way) to make it fairer. If not, people would be waiting poised on the "New Aircraft" button to snap up all the new order slots. Well, maybe not for the A380 but you know what I mean.  I think it works well and should stay exactly as it is.


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