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Author Topic: When do I run out of money  (Read 742 times)

Offline logaritm

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When do I run out of money
« on: January 07, 2016, 07:35:08 AM »
So I'm a beginner, and as tradition i have massively over expanded with expensive aircraft. The thing is, when do I run out of money? I pre ended my loan but after that I ran out of liqued cash at about new year game time, since then I have steadily sunk more into the negative as game time went on, yet my bills get paid, my employers get their salaries and the bank seem willing to loan me more and more.

I will break even at some point I'm pretty sure and currently  my deficit is slooowly diminishing but I'm still wondering if there is a point it's "game over"


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Re: When do I run out of money
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2016, 03:25:52 PM »
The negative flow trend continues for many days, at the most I have tested it to go on for about a week of real time before the bank "bankrupts" your airline due to lack of payments (usually you get multiple warnings "loan payment failed")

If it is a lost cause you might want to consider bakrupting your airline and starting over from the office menu -- Declare bankrupcy where there are two options.. to bankrupt and leave game world.. or bankrupt and start over...

Start small till your cash flow starts going in plus before you expand futher.. The biggest rookie mistakes I made in the beginning was to have muliple aircraft types because each type costs you money in maintainance and administration cost, not to mention crew training cost.. Start with one fleet type and one engine type..

So starting over... when you get a new aircraft and open new routes.. wait till the load factor comes over 75 before you star taking on another aircraft and schedule it in the routes.. Otherwise 10 new aircrafts and routes at the same time are going to cost you a lot of money in the beginning. No new route goes to top right away it takes a few flights to get the load factor up.


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