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Opinion on my progress

Started by Balkania, September 21, 2015, 06:42:41 PM


Hi everyone,

I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and have spent that time trying to soak in as much of the manual as possible whilst keeping an eye on the forum, and trying to get my head around it all in the process.

I was wondering if anyone could take the time to check out my airline, Balkan Express Air, and let me know how I'm doing and how many obvious noob mistakes I might be making from your experience. I've applied for a mentor with no luck yet.

Overall, I absolutely love this game. The complexity and challenge is really interesting! Congrats to Sami on such an awesome platform and game, and the forum members seem to be very helpful and welcoming, which is refreshing on forums these days!



Had a moment and took a look .. Nothing much to note, mostly it is going well in my mind.

- fleet is ok and well chosen (keep an eye on high lease costs of popular jets in the longer game worlds), though A320 series might be a bit large for the routes (more suited to a 100-seaters?)

- schedules look to be fine, but departing at already 0500 is too early (you can see it clearly in the sales, for example route AQ033 to pick just one)

- don't fly to a destination only 1x weekly, bad for business.. shorthauls should be on 5-6 day schedules.

- you could add business class seats to the larger routes, if there's enough demand?

- there are several planes (A320s) that are not generating profits before the fixed company costs (see Aircraft area main page) .. you shouldn't keep such planes/routes .. -240k weekly (+ the overhead costs like staffing) is not a good deal.


Thanks Sami, I see what you mean in all of your points.

Thanks again!