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Vw/Audi emission fraud in USA ???

Started by swiftus27, September 18, 2015, 07:00:54 PM


Its amazing the EPA beating up on VW, maker of some of the most clean diesels ever....but nothing for dodge/ford/gmc making the worst diesel trucks ever...


Just buy electric cars already and be rid of this crap.


Quote from: Infinity on October 05, 2015, 07:28:02 AM
Just buy electric cars already and be rid of this crap.

Well, if you can't afford a Tesla, autonomy is limited to 250km, or less, depending on the model. So if you need to make long travels, it's not an option. It can be excellent as a second car, but for the first one, if your family is a little spread out, currently, oil-drinking cars are better.


Also don't forget the lifecycle costs of electric cars, that lithium in those batteries carries quite a high Carbon Cost. No one ever really considers the carbon cost of making the car in all of these statistics you get when you buy a car.


I think we should all have plane cars, and screw emissions.  Can you imagine a VW diesel plane car? it would be like an DC-8-10 or maybe it would be like a VW diesel!