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Company Image

Started by Matt Elphick, September 15, 2015, 05:44:04 PM

Matt Elphick

I have suddenly received negative company image. It was stable at around 60 then next time i logged on it went to -60. I have had to create loads of new marketing campaigns yet it is still in negative? Any ideas?


Aircraft flying without maintenance checks? Flight delays and cancellations abnormally high, possibly due to not enough turn around time in the flight itself and also between flights?

E.g. if your plane needs a 45 minute turn around time to have a low probability of delay don't schedule the next flight as soon as possible, but add 45 minutes to the time since the flight ended. If a flight ends at 10:00, set the next flight to 10:45, not the minimum time which has a high delay probability.


Hello chap,

(First off I'm presuming you're talking about Begginers World2, if not forget reading my dribble below  :) )

I had the same issue too and I've just noticed who you are, in terms of Airline, and that you're based, as I, at Gatwick. I could be wrong but I had many cancellations and delays due to "Volcanic activity in the UK" that really messed things up for a week and totally screwed my company image. Mine is slowly but surely coming back though so I do hope yours is too.

I must say that a natural event having such an impact on company image did feel a little harsh, though. I'm not too sure how the customers can apparently blame an airline for volcanic activity! Still, as I say, I could be barking up the wrong tree entirely!

Lastly, even though I'm sure you will know a damn site more of how to play this game than I, I did also have a problem child of an aircraft that was constantly breaking down and causing havoc with my punctuality and thus company image. After trying all sorts to make it more reliable I decided to just throw it in to long-term storage, suck up the lease fee and buy another aircraft. So it may be worth checking that too.

All the best,