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The Early Days game world is now open

Started by Sami, August 29, 2015, 06:59:52 PM


The Early Days game world is now open! You can explore the post-war era of commercial aviation in this short game scenario that will run for the next three months in total.

There are several adjustments compared to the regular game world settings. The details and settings of this game are:

  • The game starts on Jan 1st 1950 and ends at the end of year 1967. Length of each simulated day is 20 minutes, so the overall play time is 3 months.

  • All airports globally are included (given that they were open in 1950). All aircraft models are available for use too. A new model, Junkers Ju 52/3m, has been also added to the database!

  • Additional base airports have no restrictions. They can be opened immediately, and can be opened anywhere in the world. Maximum number of bases is still 10.

  • Founding alliances has no restrictions either.

  • The global air travel demand is more than double what it used to be in real history - so there are a lot more passengers. The distribution of the passengers is more focused on domestic and shorthaul flying than towards longhaul routes.

  • The airports have too a higher capacity compared to history, allowing more operations.

  • The penalty for making technical stopovers to reach the destination is very minimal. You can make up to two stopovers per each route leg.

  • Start-up capital is initially 50% loans and 50% own funds.

  • The first day is this time only 12 hours long, so the time of the game starts to tick on Sunday morning at 7am UTC.

  • Please note that due to the limited range of the aircraft the 'easy start' functionality may not be able to find enough suitable aircraft for the new airline (it won't create technical stopovers). In that case please use the regular ('advanced') start option.

Jona L.

The noob start feature actually cheats on day 1.

I see players with 3 planes on day one, while generally only 2 are allowed to be taken by normal players.

Additionally they somehow got planes that aren't as widespread on UM as others (i.e. B307s). Availability is 59 vs. 7500 on DC-3.

- Multiple other issues found. See bug report (link below). -

X-REF: BUG-Report