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Price management problems

Started by RustyVenture, August 13, 2015, 03:42:36 AM


When I go into Manage Routes, and change the price of a flight, if I then go back into the flight pricing details a minute later, it is as if the price change has not happened.

When I do manage to get a price change to show up, if I go back into the flight details an hour later, it has reverted to the old price.

The result is that I have many flights with a Load Factor of 100%, but for which the number of available seats equal the demand, for which I cannot raise the price.

What am I doing wrongÉ

Matt Elphick

I have had exactly the same problem myself today.

Try reporting it to sami and in the meantime just keep trying.


It gets weirder.

If I have multiple flights on a route, and use Destination View to edit pricing on all of them at once, the pricing will never update in Destination View, but if I then go back into each individual flight, some have updated while others have not.

If I try to edit each flight's pricing directly, this simply does not work.

The result is that I have many routes with LF of 100%, because pricing is too low and I cannot raise it!


To add a bit more data - yesterday, I made price changes.

If I view a route directly (such as 3x daily flights to LAS), the price for each flight shows correctly, but if I go to Destination View to look at the overall price for all flights on that routing (so, PHL-LAS overall), it still shows the original, default price.

So, which is correct? The individual that shows correctly, or the overall that shows wrong?


Pretty frustrating to have no answer on this after 10 days. I've messaged Sami direct and no response.

I'm stuck at >95% LF (and 100% business class) on half my routes, which means they're priced too low, but I can't raise the prices no matter how I try.


I've just returned to this game after a couple years off, so I'm far from an expert, but I'll take a whack at a response since no one else has an answer.

I do most of my price management from the "manage routes" screen by using the quick "manage prices"  $ button on the right side which uses a popup.  I have noticed that if I change a price and "confirm," if I immediately try to "manage prices" via this button again, it shows the old price.  Refresh the manage routes screen before clicking this and that problem goes away. It will show your adjusted price.

Every route has a destination and return price.  Try changing the prices directly from the "route information" page.  Make sure to "SAVE" (The button will show up after you click in the price box.)

When viewing from the Price Management>Route Pricing page, only the destination price is shown.  For example:  my flight DTW-ATL

SU001           Y: $ 279, C: $ 799, F: $ 1 099

$279 is my price DTW-ATL (SU001), but I have $289 for the return flight ATL-DTW (SU002)
So, if for some reason you were able to adjust one flight but not the other, you are not seeing the WRONG price, but you are seeing only HALF the picture.

Additionally you can change the price from the Price Management>Route Pricing page using the "route pricing-update route" box at the bottom.  Just make sure you check the box to "update also return price" or you may see half the picture again.

Beyond the popup quick $ Mange prices button in the manage routes screen, the pricing features have worked perfectly for me.

I hope you get the problem worked out and you are able to raise your prices on the DTW-PHL routes.  :P  Maybe I'll gain a little market share!

Edit: I can't see that you've you done something wrong by what you wrote, so if you continue to have issues, you might want to bug report using the forum thread for that stuff.