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I keep getting cancellations due to rotation

Started by AeroMass, July 01, 2015, 08:48:16 AM


Minimal 1% turn time is 50 mins for my type, and I applied it both at outstations as explicit turn time when setting up the route and as spacing between flights when I set my schedule. That said, it pretty much is 50 minutes, as I keep it as tight as possible.

I keep getting even 25% cancellations DUE TO A/C ROTATION (not counting weather etc.) on some routes. I could understand if it was B-checks messing up the schedule, but this is week in week out and affects flights at different times of day and different weekdays (all A and B checks are Sa/Su overnight and I get cancellations on Wed midday).

Oddly, same routes operated by same aircraft seem to be affected even though all aircraft have similar rotation patterns (i.e. said 50 mins between flights and turn at outstation).

Why oh why...  :(


I have the same issues and I was told that my delay and cancellations for rotation were within limits. Seems like an awfully big 1% to me.


I am very new here, but maybe the problem is about the airport slots.

If you start all your flights i.e. at 6 a.m., you can have a problem with delays. Check the airport slots.


Is there a minimum turnaround time for each airport or is it based on the aircraft type, regardless of the airport?
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The minimum turnaround is based on aircraft fleet group. Visible at all aircraft pages (eg. )