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Add another fleet type soon, or start again?

Started by Cammellodacorsa, June 29, 2015, 09:22:13 AM


I started my airline leasing some A321 to cover routes where in a range of 2200km there was demand of 200-300-400 pax.
Now I found out that maybe Boeing 757 would have fit much better my needs.
Whhat do you suggest? Buying some of them and add another fleet type so soon, or declare bankrupcy and start again with B757?
My airline is just started with 4 planes scheduled!


My advice would be to stick with the A321, they are more efficient in fuel burn.


This is exactly what I decided in the end and what I did. Maybe I bought one too many, and now I'm fighting with survival, as I run out of money with only two planes on.
Now the third and fourth are starting, hope is not too late to bring back some money! :-)


You may want to start again with the 757 or continue with them both, phasing out the A321s later on. While the A321 is more fuel efficient you can get sell more seats with a B752 (and even more with the larger B753 in the same fleet) and they're usually ALOT less expensive in monthly lease fees or purchase cost. Not to mention the fact at it seems like everyone and their brother gets hold of the A320 series. That's why I have a fleet of 50+ B757's to go along with my 75 B737's.

By the way, having an extra aircraft type in a Beginners world game doesn't change your costs nearly as much as it would in a regular game world.


As soon as the airline will produce any profit and put me on the safe side I wil go for them and have a try! Worst case will start again! :-)