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lease expiring?

Started by jjj, June 17, 2015, 04:45:01 AM


why owners of some planes don't want to extend leases??..also after the lease is expired and that plane is returned to owner why that route also gets lost?? .. i am not able to find anywhere that which route it was flying... i lost so many planes as owner does not want to extend lease... :o :o :o


Have you checked the aircraft page and tried to extend the lease yourself? I have never had a player unwilling to let me extend my lease.


My auto settings are on...still leases of so many of my aircrafts are not being extended and it has put adverse effect on my it any kind of bug??


no, most likely those owner are offering new aircraft that just came out. they send them out for a short lease and then when they have enough aircraft from delivery they will schedule those aircraft themselves.


A player can perfectly to have as a strategy to buy planes before he needs them, & limit the lease time. So that, when he needs them, they're back. Especially if he plans a "big bang" fleet replacement to avoid the 4th fleet penalty. Did you lease all your planes to the same player? Not a bug.

In Beginner's world, though, used planes should be easy to find, and you'll probably find enough to fill the gap. And it shall be a lesson for when you promote yourself to "real" games : beware time limits when leasing planes to other players.


but the companies from which i leased the planes were not any players..they were just computer generated companies... also my auto leasing feature is on.. since i was out for 2 days, i was not able to play..when i returned, i saw bunch of my aircraft lost..also i was not able to find those routes... i feel leasing companies should specify while leasing that they won't extend the whole airline is disrupted due to such reason.. also 1st time i encountered such thing... :( ...


1. Leasing companies will lease aircraft to you for an additional year if you have auto leasing selected - be careful with this though as you may get hit with 'D checks'
- You can check when leases are expiry via 'My Aircraft' tab, to see when leases will expire and order new aircraft or extend leases as required
2. non-scheduled routes can be found by selecting - 'Routes' tab - 'Manage Routes' - 'Notification View'

In addition - lodge a Mentor request so that someone can have a look for you


I have kept auto leasing option on still for some planes I am getting message that owner does not want to extend lease..but I can buy such planes!!..owner allows me that!!!..also I have 600+ planes so I don't keep a tab on lease expiration..but I am not getting this whole phenomenon!!... I am requesting for mentor