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SH with huge pax request, with A340?

Started by Cammellodacorsa, May 20, 2015, 09:44:35 PM


Hi guys, i'm really struggling with schedule of flight where I have 5/6 routes per day to same destinations covered by a320/321.

What would happen If I decide to cover this huge demand with a A340 with double pax possibilities even if the routes are mainly domestic?

This would help me to avoid many flights per day struggling with schedule.



running wide body like 340 over domestic route is not efficient, unless you the route requires more then certain frequency per day.

5-6 times per day is still very manageable.


not much work in the beginning.
The problem born when you want to move one flight to a bigger airplane but then when this new plane has free time you cannot insert the flight because you have another one at the same time!

So, all theese problem I have with routes lasting 4:00 hours more or less, and it is not possible to differentiate starting time, not go under 5:0 am and over 23 pm and still have the chance to makje 4 flights a day.
Unfortunately where I need a321 I do not have enough request on shorter routes to mix them and reach 4 flights a day!