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Shorter Turnarond and early departure for 4 flights a day?

Started by Cammellodacorsa, May 20, 2015, 10:18:17 AM


I need to reschedule all my domestic and short international flights around EU.

If I take off before six, let's say after 5,15 and I reduce turnover time of A318-9-20-21 from 70 minutes to 60-65 in most cases I can manage to have 4 flights a day instead of 3.

What would you suggest?

70% of routes are within 1000NM some others little bit longer.

Many thanks for your help


Don't schedule any flights before 0530 if at all possible. Passengers don't like flying that early and you will have a VERY hard time filling those flights. The same goes for flights that depart after 2300. Also, I wouldn't go with less than 65 mins for an A320 series aircraft because less turn time means more chance of delays and cancellations.


Thanks for info.
Well, 5,30 instead of 6,00 and 65 per flight instead of 70 makes open anyway a change to have one flight more sometimes.
So, that was exactly what I was willing to do and I will setup flight according to that.



60min turnaround for A320 sized planes should be sufficient...


Thanks Sami,
in the end most of the turnaround are set on 70 min as it was not possible to fit 4 flights on a day anyway.
So, no big damage anyway! :-)