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Global and rout specific marketing companies

Started by Ligo, April 29, 2015, 09:12:18 PM


I launched a global marketing company in my base country including everything (even TV). Should I create a route specific marketing for both destinations then?
Another words, will the scheme:
A(Base country global marketing) - B (route specific marketing)
work the same as:
A(Base country global marketing + route specific marketing) - B (route specific marketing)
And in the last case I just burn my money?
In my opinion there is no reason to make two companies in my base country where people see the logo of my company on TV everyday anyway:)


I've got a rule of thumb of maintaining your company image around 50-75 max. Minimum 50 because you want to get passengers against your competitors, and not more than 75 because from then onwards you start burning money big time. Find the right combo of marketing tools to suit that number