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Replan and reschedule the complete route list.

Started by Cammellodacorsa, April 17, 2015, 03:28:27 PM


Hi guy,
with 25 different routes and 7 planes it comes the time to replan all the flights.

Is there a way to replan all the routes (stops, departures and so on) in a stand-by mode and then replace the complete schedule of an airplane?

If I create a completely new rout that it is completely equal to an existing one, swapping them two, my loading factor will start from scratch considering it a new route, or it will have in mind that i'm serving that place from my base airport?

Many thanks for help.



I try to push up this topic as it becames even more important.
I meant, 20 planes, different sizes, rsome routes request to be put in bigger airplane, and so on.
But change route by route is something crazy as in the meantime you let them unscheduled they do not fly, but if you move three times the schedule buying the slots it will cost a fortune.

So, is there a way to say, ok, let's restructure the whole planning without causing lack of flights or somethign else?

Many thanks


No, you just have to go for it and reschedule them all.  You need to set a whole morning aside, put on some coffee and get to work...  The more you do this the quicker you will become.  I assure you, rescheduling the routes for 20 aircraft is nothing when you are running a really big airline.  I pretty much do that every morning  before I go to work.

As you say, re-creating the new routes first might mean buying lots of extra slots, but are you aware that you can create new routes WITHOUT buying the slots?  Just remember to check the little tick-box when creating each route.  I suppose, in theory, you could create all the new routes without slots, then close the old ones, then assign the new routes to each aircraft, then just edit your new routes to pick up the slots.  Personally this sounds messy to me and I don't bother.  I could get 20 planes rescheduled in maybe 60 or 90 minutes - that means them only missing flying for 2 or 3 days in the game.  You can at least plan it all out in Word or Excel or on paper first - know what times you're going to use and how long each route will take and then it shouldn't take too long to actually create them.

Also, as to your other question, NO your loads will no be affected by recreating the routes.  The system recognises that you have already been flying the route and you should still get the same loads, even if you don't fly it for several weeks.


Not a good news! :-)
But recreate routes without buying slots and optimize some planes could be a good idea.
Not the entire plans, but only for the route you fly more often.
But, ok we cannot reschedule all routes with a tool, but at least a drag and drop function could be activated and would be really time savings.

Because to move a plane from flying 9 hours per day to 13 (my route are mainly regional so, no way to fly during night time) takes a lot of different trials and adjustments.