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Regional Challenge game starts this Sunday

Started by Sami, February 27, 2015, 06:23:40 PM


The next AirwaySim game world, Regional Challenge, will start on this Sunday, March 1st 2015.

This is a "mini-game" that has about 2 months of play time and is purely focused on running regional airliner operations in North America and Europe. The scenario will open in the afternoon (at approximately 16.00 UTC) and the first day is 12 hours long, which after the clock starts to tick forward.

Game's settings and features:
  • Only the two smallest aircraft size groups are included (size classes 'small' and 'medium'). This includes aircraft up the regional jet class with largest aircraft being in the ~100-120 passenger segment.

  • All airports in North America and Europe are available

  • There is no long-haul travel demand

  • No geographical airport basing restrictions - each airline can open new bases at any airport (and also without any initial company size or age restrictions)

  • Game starts in year 2008 and runs for 10 years, ending in 2018.

  • Game day is a bit faster than usual, 25 minutes per day

See you there!

The next 'long' game world starts after the current Game World #3 ends in about a month.

Mr Yoda

Quote from: sami on February 27, 2015, 06:23:40 PM
The next 'long' game world starts after the current Game World #3 ends in about a month.

New GW 3 (1990-2039) by any chance?


Can you include all historical planes in the small size segment as well :)?  At the start of the game it would be extremely restrictive as to the choices

Medium is fine as is with the atr/q400/atp and regional jets but small would be missing things like the aerospacial 30 seater (29?), beech 1900 et al,  Fairchild metro,  and many more.  Basically include  all chapter 2-3 small Aircrafts would be awesome.


What is the definition of 'long haul'? 2000nm? 4000nm?