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Game World #2 "The Jet Age" starts on 22nd Aug -14

Started by Sami, August 15, 2014, 12:17:24 PM


The next main scenario at AirwaySim will begin from the start next week. The Game World #2 will be opened on Friday August 22nd 2014, at approximately 18.00 UTC (2pm @ NYC, 7pm @ London, 3am @ Tokyo).

This scenario will start from year 1960 and will continue all the way to year 2030. At the beginning the pace of the game is faster (20 mins / day), and will then gradually move to standard 30/35 mins / day. The initial player capacity is lower than in modern scenarios (due to low passenger demand), but will grow at 1 spot per game month.

All of the latest features are included, new base airport rules for example. Prototype aircraft models (that never got into production, or ones that haven't flown yet) will be also available.


Is there a list of prototype aircraft somewhere?

I did try a search using the words "prototype aircraft". No luck.

Thanks in advance for any help.

See you all next week in this game.<grin>

Zombie Slayer

With the start of another 70 year game world, I must once again bring this request to your attention...,49069.0.html

This and this alone remains the huge block to fully enjoying these ultra long game worlds.
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Quote from: sami on August 15, 2014, 02:44:43 PM

The list has the 777X not included, however I thought I read you had included it in GW#3 and might include it also in GW#4? Or do I remember that wrong?


In a topic a while back I replied with some options of which two have been implemented...,53229.msg306383.html#msg306383
777X was also on that list, but both the COMAC as the NG Fokker got launched right after implementation. So I would assume it goes on order of next launch (which would make the 787-10 and ERJ E2 next).



Pilot Oatmeal

What about the Dornier 228NG and the Evektor EV-55? They would be great for replacing under-20 seat aircraft later in the game?