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The Modern Times #9 is open

Started by Sami, September 27, 2013, 10:57:59 PM


The Modern Times #9 game scenario is now open and ready for all new virtual airlines and their managers.

This game world starts in year 1998 and continues all the way into the future to year 2025 (5 years longer than usually). In this period you have access to all of the latest aircraft types and airports worldwide. This game world includes also some prototype aircraft models not yet available in the real world, such as B737MAX and A320neo series (like the previous game of the same theme).

Overall play duration from start to finish is nearly 8 months, and game day length is the standard 35 mins / day. Fuel prices for the whole duration of the game are fully custom.

Please remember that the game clock starts to run after 24 hours to give everyone an equal opportunity to join the game world and to set up their airlines. Used aircraft market is refreshed constantly during the first day. Another notable change (announced in the forums yesterday) is that the passenger demand grows more slowly than before at the start and first parts of the game (to slow the rapid initial expansion on empty routes).

Have fun!


Quote from: sami on September 27, 2013, 10:57:59 PM
continues all the way into the future to year 2025 (5 years longer than usually).

I originally was not going to play, but now I am :)  Thanks sami.