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Dawn of the Millennium #6 is open

Started by Sami, July 26, 2013, 08:54:03 PM


Dawn of the Millennium #6 scenario is now open and ready to welcome all virtual airline managers on board. This game scenario starts in year 1975 so you have a good chance to experience running an airline first with the older aircraft types and expand and move gradually to the modern aircraft as time progresses.

Like the Jet Age scenario, this game world too uses the new concept of ultra-long scenarios. The time span of this scenario is from 1975 to all the way to 2020 and like in Jet Age the max player count increases gradually over time.

As usual, you may also earn the new AirwaySim Achievements in this game world. Also do remember that the first game turn is 24 hours long and the game clock starts to tick tomorrow. Also do take care in choosing your home base as for example in the EU are the basing outside your home country is not yet available (as per real world rules and agreements).