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The Jet Age #7 end results

Started by Sami, June 13, 2013, 08:16:00 AM


Our latest early days scenario, the Jet Age, has ended this morning. Here are some selected results from the final stats:

Richest CEOs: Orlando R (Loading...), PH1517 (Aero Mondial), MarkM (AIR ZOMBIE)

Largest-valued airlines: British Overpriced Airways Corp, PacAir, AH-Air

Most passengers transported (since start): AH-Air (1 444 522 829), Cedars (1 281 892 922), Aero Mondial (1 233 847 437)

Largest fleets: British Overpriced Airways Corp (1440 a/c - special mention: 87x Concorde and 51x Tu-144 supersonic jets owned and flown), Blue Sky Express (1283), ConnectEmpire (829)

Most airports served: ConnectEmpire (425 airports)

Busiest airports (previous full game year): Atlanta (112 mil pax / yr), Heathrow (101 mil pax / yr), Ohare (92 mil pax / yr)

The next scenario of this theme will begin after we complete the works on our new UI and layout. The administration is currently taking a short summer break and holiday but work on the upgrades contines next week and the exact starting date of Jet Age #8 will be announced early next week (at this time the date cannot be locked yet as we wish to finish the upgrades first and there may be some unexpected delays).


Good work and enjoy the short vaca.  Good to space these games out a bit anyways