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AA Reveals New Livery

Started by ucfknightryan, January 17, 2013, 03:36:01 PM


I love it, can't understand the commotion about it.


Quote from: saftfrucht on January 17, 2013, 06:03:04 PM
I love it, can't understand the commotion about it.

There's commotion about it?

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Quote from: saftfrucht on January 17, 2013, 06:03:04 PM
I love it, can't understand the commotion about it.

I like the new logo, but the tail design is terrible. I looks like an after thought, does not tie in with the rest of the plane. You have a sleek looking plane and then bam, someone slapped a big sticker on the tail.

Great concept, I just think it looks horrible on the plane....
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Maybe it would have looked better with the flag fading out for a bit towards the front of the fuselage, say 20 or 30 feet. But the flag on the tail in itself is, in my eyes, the best feature of this livery. It's playing with the American identity, and I can't understand in the slightest why it's so controversial among Americans (at least on Facebook and the other usual channels). But then, I'm not American. Maybe I just don't get something here.


I think it is more controversial with the unions as they feel that is not needed and a merger is more important right now! I think the rest of America will have no problem with it.


 :o   1 out of 10 for the tail !  Terrible, just terrible, compared to currently livery anyway, which is truly iconic.  What an earth are they thinking  :-\   There are far better liveries on AWS !!  I wonder how much someone got paid to design it...should not be more than a couple of Mars Bars !!

stevecree I have seen it on a real a/c it all of the sudden doesn't look as bad....does it ??


Can't wait to see all of US Airways' Airbusses painted in that shiny new scheme.


I am sorry to say that i don't like the logo, it looks a little boring, in my opinion, you can see the eagle, but you can't feel it like you could in the older logos. The livery though, the body looks nice, better than their old metal body, but the tail looks so terrible. It looks really weird and that they have americanized the tail make it just look so cheesy.

No offense to the americans, I like you country and you have a nice flag and all. But it really it looks horrible that way...


I am not too crazy about the logo.  It looks like a first part of a commercial for a shaving product, before the razor shows up.

As far as livery, it probably saves some money on paint, which is kind of a moot point if you are repainting all the aircraft...  Tail looks ok.


So, instead of classy polished natural metal surface, they got generic light grey. And I second JetWest's thoughts on the tail. They should've used the logo there.


Anyone like it any better seeing this.....?


I do like it in all honesty. It was obviously made with the 787 in mind. I sure will miss those bare metal jets going across the Pond, however. I think that timeless livery has been around longer than me.
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