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Fog at LHR

Started by stevecree, December 11, 2012, 06:54:49 PM


Check out how many a/c are in the hold for LHR right now  :o

...hopefully some head up to MAN for some northern hospitality  ;),-2.16/10


Damn...that link is to MAN..and I cannot figure out how to change it to the London area !   Sorry, but to look you'll have to manually head SE from MAN.

[ATA] - lilius

Create a link and use the playback so we can go back in time to see it


I followed it, aircraft kept landing until 00.45. Isn´t Heathrow limited to 23.00 ?
Last start was around that time, too. Aircraft were seperated unusually wide apart, and start frequency was very low.


I believe LHR does have a curfew but would have to permit late/early landings for safety reasons ; cant really leave them circling all night until 06.00 : no matter what Mr Jones at 23 Airport Drive thinks about his disturbed sleep...

BTW, on the 'spooky' front, it was reported that the 12th flight to be cancelled (on 12.12.12) was numbered 1212 : would love to know if this was true...


Sure there are exceptions of curfew for safety. But most of the very late flights coming in originated in near Europe, the situation must have been clear at their start but they came in nevertheless.I don´t know why they hadn´t been diverted to other airports or left were they were.


There used to be night flights into LHR, not many but some, not sure if they were all stopped. Also some early landings for LH were allowed. Dunno if that has changed since.

All of Europes flights have been totally messed up by bad weather for the last week, so it wouldnt be any surprise if some airlines pushed the curfew envelope to get already much delayed aircraft re-positioned, and LHR let it ride needing the aircraft in position next day to start clearing delayed pax...

Jona L.

Quote from: a330erlingus on January 19, 2013, 08:43:44 AM

Where's Curse when you need'em?

He'd just call them "noobs" and that is all.... I know him long enough to make a safe bet on that :P


Quote from: [SC] Jona L. on January 19, 2013, 03:22:27 PM
He'd just call them "noobs" and that is all.... I know him long enough to make a safe bet on that :P

lol ;D