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"Bug report rewards" have been sent

Started by Sami, October 02, 2012, 12:47:02 PM


AirwaySim is committed in building a bug-free software. Due to the huge complexity of the software bugs are inevitable and thus we highly appreciate all proper bug reports posted to us. There is a dedicated forum section for user-reports on suspected bugs, and admin will review the forum posts on daily basis. The bug reports help us to find the hidden issues that have not been apparent during the coding and testing phases of the software.

We have today awarded free Credits to all who have submitted bug reports via the bug report forum (and the issue has been a confirmed/fixed bug). Each user who has reported a confirmed bug has been awarded 2 free Credits per each bug report, and we've handed out a total of 642 AirwaySim Credits on this round of "Bug report rewards". This is the third time these reward credits are awarded, and we plan to continue this tradition. If you are one of the members you can see the extra Credits already added to your account.

Thanks to the reports from our users AirwaySim is, in our mind, a very much bug-free software at the moment.

As a reminder for the future: If you have in your mind found a bug of the software please report it via the Bug Reports forum. But please SEARCH first both the Archives and the active reports forum to make sure it has not been reported already, and read also the instructions post on how to make a proper report (= what data is needed etc.). Incomplete or otherwise "unnecessary" reports make our job harder so please keep in mind the instructions!

You may view your Credits history from the following link:


Thank you Sami, that was a nice surprise. It's good to have a game which rewards community input  :)
CEO of South Where Airlines (SWA|WH)



No need really Sami as we all want the game to be better and bug reporting benefits us all, but thanks anyway   ;D


Thanks a lot sami.

How about some kind of ranking who reported most? :P


Thanks for the credits.

As Steve said, it was not necessary, but I definitely appreciate the recognition for my feedback.