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Started by ssmith88, October 01, 2012, 01:41:41 AM


are there any players of Airline7 by Efzed?  http://-forbidden due advertising terms-/
It is very detailed & complicated airsim that has not much documentaion.
Is there any experts here that can give guidance & tips?
I like to setup to play parallel game alongside the Airwaysim scenario.


I played it for a while.

Honestly I didn't thought it was difficult in any way - in fact I made even more money than in AWS - so maybe just ask your question here and if I can remember, I'll give you tips or whatever you want.


I ran it for a good while as well.  It really only ever had 2 outcomes for me; 1) I would make a terrible decision at the start and the airline would die or 2) The airline would immediately become insanely profitably and I could take over the world - after 1 quarter I would have enough cash to be able to pay outright for new build jets for example!

Nuanced - No!


i found it good, but the loading time between quarters became insane for me, i think i got up to 45 minutes once. At that point i stopped playing it. Oh and i found the AI airlines incredibly stupid.

But i did like the cargo function and the inflight service income was good  ;)


I played it a while ago, when they were up to Version 6.  The turn times took forever, and it crashed frequently.  Not a good combination....

I started playing another game (Pride of Nations) that also has annoyingly long turn times...  Not as bad as Airline (maybe 1-2 minutes), but the whole game takes 1680 turns....


Also played it but gave up after constant crashes and efzed not being able to fix it.