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Airline safety cards?.. Starting a collection

Started by swiftus27, April 12, 2012, 03:12:25 PM


Quote from: swiftus27 on February 01, 2013, 11:22:58 PM

Sorry  :-[

alex, sorry if my posts came off as anything other than joking/amusing.  I'm not trying to correct/argue with anyone, we just wandered on to a topic that interests me a bunch (ways English differs between different countries that speak it) so I've accumulated a bunch of entertaining (to me anyway) trivia on it and figured I'd share since it came up.  Sometimes I don't know when to shut up  :laugh:


The way you debate about your language; now we non-natives get really confused ! :-\
I  just use a kind of mix of learned and heard-somewhere without any definite clue....

Jona L.

Quote from: swiftus27 on February 01, 2013, 11:58:02 PM
I owe you...  can't wait to use these... 

I'll wait a little more, to get some more for you ;)

Monday/Tuesday I'll be OFF, let's see how many I have till than. Maybe I can get a TK A320/21 for you, so you'll have all a/c we get from them. TK777 is very rare here, so very unlikely I'll ever get one of those. But you'll have nearly all the fleet ;D

[SC] Jona L.

Atlantische Zeiler

Jona L.

Quote from: Tennessee63 on February 02, 2013, 02:23:54 AM
So.... is my DC-9 Card rare or what!

LOL in Europe for sure... no DC-9s in use, except if you count the MD-81-83 as DC-9s (which they technically are).

But in the USA?! I only say: Delta Airlines LOL


Atlantische Zeiler

All of Delta's current DC-9s are old Northwest planes. They had a very old fleet

Jona L.

Still doesn't change the point, that DC-9s are a usual sight around ATL and nearby.

Jona L.

Added up from today:

TK A321
Anadolu Jet B737-700 (looks a lot like TKs one, since it's a subsidiary company).

[SC] Jona L.


Too bad there isnt a TK 421 (props to those who get that one)

Jona L.

[SC] - King Kong

Jona L.

"not possible" is not possible with the possible-maker (aka me) in charge...

manage to get a card even from the Soviets!!

So to list all cards currently in stock:

3L - InterSky - AT72-600
BE - flybe      - E175
ST - Germania - A319 (completing you ST fleet)
JT - jettime - B737-300
PC - Pegasus Hava Yollari - B737-800 (2 cards in different layouts)
SK - Scandinavian Airlines - CRJ-900
TK - Türk Hava Yollari - A330-200/300
TK - Türk Hava Yollari - A321
TK/AJA - Anadolu Jet - B737-700
FH - Freebird Hava Yollari - A321
SU - Aeroflot Russian Airlines - A320


3L - Intersky - DHC-8-300 (completing the 3L fleet)
X3 - TUIfly - B737-800 (which is the complete TUIfly fleet, the -700s they operate fly for Air Berlin)
L9 - belleair europe - A320


EK - Emirates SkyCargo operated by TNT - B747-400ERF
BE - flybe - Dash 8-Q400

- to be extended before sending.

Quote from: swiftus27 on February 07, 2013, 11:24:31 AM
Tk421 was a storm trooper in Star Wars

LOL never seen that (nor Star Trek)

Jona L.

some more addements:

TK - Türk Hava Yollari - B777-300ER (completing you TK fleet)
AB - AirBerlin - A330-200
AB - AirBerlin - A330-200 D-ABXA/XB only
AB - AirBerlin - A320
IR - IranAir - A310-200/300 (a real rarity, just due to a diversion from CGN due to security staff strike there)

Those AB ones are thanks to the colleagues from our sister company who handle the former LTU planes of AB, of whom I mobilized the one or another guy to supplement some cards :)

I guess that is sufficient for sending a new package. Will see to get to post office on Monday (maybe get some more cards tomorrow but pretty unlikely), buy a new envelope and send them to you.

Would be nice to know if the other package already arrived, and also if your address is still valid (I think you said you were moving?!?).

[SC] Jona L.

Added two pictures of he collection... needed ~50% of the size of my bed to position them all ;D


DUDE EPIC!   Went out looking for a new house today...  the wall is a top consideration

Jona L.

Quote from: swiftus27 on February 16, 2013, 09:08:16 PM
DUDE EPIC!   Went out looking for a new house today...  the wall is a top consideration

Found (!!) an EK 773 one in one of our company cars (LOL!) yesterday at work.

So all the above + EK B773/W.

Will send package tomorrow when post offices open again.

[SC] Jona L.

P.S. did the other round arrive yet or not?!

Jona L.

Since I am drowning in work and work-related issues, I have not yet managed to get to the post office.

Anyways, in the meantime, I also grabbed an SK A319 for you :) . Maybe get some more tomorrow, will have to see. Yet I have to see when I can get to the PO... might take some more days.

cheers for now,

[SC] Jona L.


It's alright, bro... supposedly have an offer coming in tomorrow and they guy wants us to rent (yes, rent our own home) for a few months.   It will allow us to do as we choose if we want to build or wait for the ideal house to come on the market.



So I got this mega package from Jona.   

I would display but I am officially moving in 3-4 weeks.  I will put all on display when the map goes up in my new office.