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PEOPLExpress being resurrected... at PHF?!?

Started by Cardinal, February 14, 2012, 12:54:17 AM


Yep, I put up a blog post on this.

I give it a year, if it ever gets off the ground. Keep in mind that they haven't raised the funds to start the airline yet, nor have they gotten FAA approval, which can easily take multiple years.

And they expect to start by summer 2012.  ::) ::) ::)


Bolier Dweller

If you turn to page 6 on the PDF, it appears as though they have already started to work towards there certificates. But yes this summer is not possible not matter what they do. I mean have they even said where they are going to get the planes? How about slots? I think if i were them i invest in some new ATR-600 or q400's. They could do very well if they intend to just fly up and down the east coast from PHF. Another thing why PHF? I mean really? Have any of yall been to this airport? It's not small but it's not a hub either. Perhaps they should look into CVG? CMH? MEM?


From what I've read they will try to take QF's old 14, 734's off their hands... I say they'll never get of the ground, unless they've purchased another airlines AOC...
Why can't people just leave the airlines of the past in the past?


They claimed that slots etc. are already secured and the airport has enough future potential for them to grow/expand.  Not sure where they will get the planes, but PHF is a nice halfway point between NYC and Florida as many New Yorkers will travel to Florida for vacation and/or their second homes.

Southwest is rumored to be moving into CVG in the near future.  CVG actually has 3 concourses and the largest one with 80 gates (Concourse C) is actually closed indefinitely due to the downturn and Comair repositioning their 70+ CRJs (but they still maintain their HQ at CVG).  60% of the US population lives within 500 miles of CVG, which makes it a great hub for a regional carrier and someone could make a killing flying props out of CVG, especially considering the slot/gate prices are probably dirt cheap.

Bolier Dweller

I don't know if they would make a killing or not. I know every time i brought a plane in from ORD or IAD on united we usually had about 20 people going both ways so thats just a little close to half full on a CRJ-200. I think maybe if you marketed it to where people would want to take props. I know a lot of people don't like them. But i was just thinking today if people would use props instead of 734 they might last a little longer. I looked it up and it's only about a 1:20 to new york and only 30 to DC. That's based on the q400's cruise speed. Another key thing to point out is almost all of there flights would be under 400 nm if they only did the north east. And we all know that props are really only effective to that range. Not only that your pilot cost are cheaper if you have the props as well. I was also look at PHF on google, where do they plan to park these 734's? Not a lot of ramp space there. If i were them i would try CVG before PHF of course you have that delta loyalty to worry about in CVG.


I'm not sure how air travel works in the States, but here in Europe, price is everything. Ryanair for example operates out of dozens of tiny specks of tarmac not a soul has ever even heard about, yet they are attracted to them solely for the low fares. I mean, if Ryanair/EasyJet can pull this off, why can't Peoplexpress?