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Your Day Job

Started by TranceAvia, December 08, 2011, 02:53:43 AM


So, what do we all do in the real world?

I work in Operations at easyJet here in Luton as an Airport Liaison Officer.


Cool I'm from Luton originally. Currently in Southampton.

I'm a university student by day and door supervisor by night   8)

Last summer I worked as a builder and this Summer I'll hopefully be providing security for the Olympic Games in London
CEO of South Where Airlines (SWA|WH)


Part Owner/VP of a 6000 acre (2430 hectare) grain, herb and vegetable farm in northwest Indiana. I do everything from field operations, to executive desisions. I suppose you could just call me a farmer!  :D


During the week my "job" is school  :P
On the weekend, my "job" is watching football (the american kind) :D;D

Zombie Slayer

Ground Ops for Southwest Airlines  ;D
Don Collins of Ohio III, by the Grace of God of the SamiMetaverse of HatF and MT and of His other Realms and Game Worlds, King, Head of the Elite Alliance, Defender of the OOB, Protector of the Slots


Work in Facilities Management as a contractor for a global oil and gas company.  My main task is to maintain the cabling infrastructure for their networks.  I also help out with everything else under the sun, from Electrical work to being a clerical worker :P


Ground ops manager for a regional airline in the UK

Bolier Dweller

Flight Attendant for Expressjet


Superintendent of Information Services & Communications for a global mining company


Currently a university student taking an Aviation/Business Management double-major.  I have my Private pilot license and will have my instrument rating in less than a month along with my multi-private.  Then its onto commercial, instructor, and ATP!  :)

Goal is to work a commercial aviation related management position or an airline pilot!  8)


software architect in a telecommunication infrastructure R&D company


I'm an communication-student at Berghs, Stockholm Sweden.

That's why I'm trying to overload my marketing..


Student in the UK by day and by night.


Project manager in an engineering firm working with aerospace, naval and automotive assembly plants/machinery. Unfortunately, I'm in Italy! :)


Executive Recruiter specializing in heavy equipment/truck distribution.


Research Assistant of Hong Kong University, Influenza Research Center

Maarten Otto

Train Manager on the FYRA High Speed Service operated by NSHispeed between Amsterdam - Breda, and Amsterdam - Brussels.  In three years I hope to add Amsterdam to London in my pocket as well  ;)


Student by day and by night in the United States. In the spring, I'll be working at a major U.S. carrier flight operations facilities.


Mondays: Jobless
Tue-Fri: Aviation Logistics Student
Weekend: Working in the kitchen and restaurant of an elderly home
Tujue Airways (🇦🇿 Tujue Hava Yolları / 🇹🇷 Tujue Hava Yolları / 🇹🇲 Tujue Howa Ýollary / 🇺🇿 Tujue Havo Yoʻllari / 🇰🇿 Tujue Äwe Joldarı / 🇰🇬 Tujue Aba Joldoru)


Air Traffic Controller - Oslo ATCC, Norway