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The Jet Age #5 starts next Friday (30th Sept)

Started by Sami, September 25, 2011, 04:36:38 PM


According to our normal game world rotation policy the next full game world is about to commence soon. The scenario follows the early days theme under Jet Age title and starts in the 1960s where large piston-driver props still rule the skies but new jets are soon to take over the world and the Iron Curtain still divides the world.

The scenario is estimated to start on next Friday, September 30th at about 19.30 UTC.

The duration of this scenario will follow the regular pattern of 15-30 years, and unfortunately the requested "ultra long" scenarios are not possible yet and not featured with this game world. This is mainly because some required minor updates to cater this in the current v.1.3 game engine are not finished yet since AirwaySim's developer has been flooded with other work lately and also caught up with a rather long flu/fever period for the autumn decreasing the work possibilities to nearly zero... But hopefully this will change soon.


With shorter range aircraft in Jet Age, I am wondering if the restrictions of the tech stops should be less severe.  Maybe restriction to top 10 or to 20 airports (not just about all Large airports), and restriction on tech stop at small airports with long enougj runways should be scrapped entirely (until new features of Facilities is added).