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Your best aviation photos

Started by GEnx, June 03, 2011, 07:01:41 PM


This thread has been dead for too long

You can just make out the name of the airline on the vert stab.

Earlier today at MSY


morning at SMJP


just after midnight arrival from MIA / AUA


Took this back in April. Rainy morning in TPE. Ready to depart for LHR.

B-16701 has been repainted into the official Star Alliance livery earlier this month. Only two more 'rainbow' liveries exist (02 and 03).


SMJP today 28 jun 13....courtesy of my friend andrew muller

right to left: PZ-TCN, PZ-TCO, PZ-TCQ

Jona L.

Hey, all.

Some Pictures from DUS Intl. Airport. Gotta love to work at the airport :) .

B738 after a birdstrike during landing (a pigeon of ca. 400g weight, hit the airplane at +/-155Kts). [Airline name: withheld]

A332 Air Berlin (D-ALPB) after pushback, my usual walk to the office :)

B763 of AA and DL, our two only American carriers in DUS. I like how they stand next to each other on C04 and C05 (going to ORD and ATL respectively).  (And even one in the old AA livery)

"Excessive handbagge handling".... goddamn flights to east Turkey. [Airline: SunExpress Deutschland]

B732Adv. (YU-ANP) The last one flying in Europe (Aviogenex livery, operated by JAT Airways). View on the #1 engine.

Same B732Adv. (YU-ANP) as above. Me being on the headset (ref. the yellow cable), waiting for the towtruck to do the pushback.

Under a B77W (TC-JJP) of Turkish Airlines during handling. A place that the average passenger won't be often.

Jona L.



Very nice fotos and background info, indeed.

Jona L.

Okay... 3 more pictures for you guys... than I am out of good ones for now. Will make more pictures once I am back at work in 3 days.

AA B763 taxiing for departure. One in the new livery. Apparently I can't make out the registration anymore :P Looks like N383AN though.

EK056 (also taxiing for departure) B773 (A6-EMT) Apparently the B773 is payload restricted on DUS-DXB due to our damn short runway. [Goddamn residents] The 77W on the other hand is not, which is why we see it more often (luckily).

BA World Cargo B748 Registration not available... but it has to be G-GSSD/E/F... coz there aren't any more :P

Jona L.



nice fotos Jona

i personally donot like the new AA colours....AA logo seems to have been ruined

Jona L.

I like their new logo, just the new grey sucks..... The 'bare metal' looked a lot nicer...

In 48hrs I will be back at work, and will hopefully be able to take some nice new pictures :)

Jona L.


i am meaning the tail colours. to me, it appears cheap looking. with the US merger, i would have thought an updated US logo to fit AA.

i may have a couple of other fotos from PBM to post soon


To me those three airlines liveries were very similar

Jona L.

Well, as promised, more pictures from DUS.

KLM DC-3 (PH-PBA) early June this year. The "Prinsess Amalie" was with us for a few days for the "Day of Aviation" in Germany last month.

(ex-) Lufthansa Junckers JU-52 (D-COLH). Largely painted on the fuselage and under the wings is "D-AQUI" however, since that was its original registration. Just with the new registration standards in GER they couldn't use D-AXXX as reg. for such a light a/c. On the right side you can see the tailfin of the KLM DC-3 again.

Turkish Airlines B738 (TC-JGS) doing some flap-tests. Full flaps config (40°), view under the trailing edge flaps on the right hand side wing. The plane was being prepared for the red-eye flight to ASR (Kayseri, Turkey) to return early in the morning, and than continue the normal IST-DUS-IST schedules.

Same TK B738 view on the RH wing flaps from behind.

Fly Niki A320 (OE-LER) with "sharklets" (to me these look just like winglets, but meh.... same difference :P ). If you "translate" the registration, "OELER" becomes "GREASER" (just a fun fact asides)
(presumably departing to VIE, but cannot confirm)

Orenair B738 (VP-BEN) with some nice evening red shining on its side, while the last passengers board the aircraft for departure to CEK (Cheljabinsk, Russia)

FlyBE Bombardier Dash8Q400 [DH8D] (G-JEOF) coming in for a nightstop in DUS. I just liked the sunset behind it.

Same DH8D, just with more perspective on the plane (since we have already seen the sunset :P )

Stay tuned for more pictures, when available :)

cheers guys,
[SC] Jona L.


Tht fly niki plane surely has winglets.    Odd for an airbus.  Is this new?  No Sharklets on the 320?

Jona L.

Quote from: swiftus27 on July 08, 2013, 10:28:47 AM
Tht fly niki plane surely has winglets.    Odd for an airbus.  Is this new?  No Sharklets on the 320?

Well, airbus replaced the old wingtip-fences with the new 'sharklets' aka winglets.
This is why I said same difference :P

And yes, it is new, they retrofit older Airbus, and for new ones they become pretty much standard.

Cheers, guys


Obama's new ride (not my photo)


In the same vein as Jona, one night on the ramp... Albeit at a slightly smaller airport (VAA, 2012 total pax 0.37 million vs 20.8 million for DUS ;D).

6 pm... Finnair (op. by Flybe Finland) E-190 OH-LKP ready for startup for a flight back to HEL.

8:30 pm... Inside the front compartment of Freebird A320 TC-FBH, charter flight from/to AYT. Almost done emptying and then just fill it right back up. :P

And I'm outta there!

Finnair (op. by Flybe Finland) ATR-72 OH-ATO arriving from HEL for the night... 1:40 am. Another night guest on the background, E-190 OH-LKG, arrived at 9 pm from HEL. The E-170s and E-190s are all operated by Flybe Finland, but flown only on Finnair AY-coded routes, thus the Finnair livery. ATRs are flown both on AY and BE routes, so they have their own livery.

SAS (op. by Braathens Regional) albino SAAB 2000 SE-MFK sleeping on the tarmac. Arrived from ARN slightly after midnight.


Found this Martin 404 N255S MSN 14246 in a field west of Paris, Texas. Entered service with Eastern as N498A.