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Closure of European Airspace again?

Started by d2031k, May 22, 2011, 09:13:41 PM


There's another volcano chucking out smoke and ash again.  I wonder if we'll see the mass closures once more.



I heard yesterday that there were spotted 15 kilometres high ashcloud from the volcano.

Aswell as the Icelandic airspace is closed. And cross atlantic routes have to take other routes arround the ashcloud


And the cancellations begin... Scottish airspace expected to be closed tomorrow so Loganair (Flybe franchise) has cancelled 36 flights and Eastern Airways cancelled all flights to/from Scotland. Jet2 has rescheduled flights departing from Scotland to leave from England instead and other airlines are warning there could be disruption. Lets hope this doesn't last long!

Latest ash cloud forecast


Damn it! Not friggin' again! I won't earn any money since there is no customers at the car rental at the airport i work at.....

But then again, MORE TIME FOR SCHOOL EXAM PROJECTS! Wooohooo!!! No stressing :D

But that even means that Cimber Sterling here in Denmark most likely will go bankrupt, since they're allready are in deep sh*t at the moment.... Unless a financial fund pumps some money into them as there are rumors about.


I heard that the JAA has closed down the airspace over northern Germany. Considering that I'm heading back to Europe on june 3rd, I'm already p***ing in my pants... I just have 2 weeks off, can't have them ruined by the frigging volcano! Even the prospective of a paid holiday in Singapore doesn't look so appealing, to be honest! :(
My only hope is to get bumped on a SQ flights going to MXP instead flying LH through FRA, if the airspace is closed down again...